2012 Las Vegas Summer League: Cory Joseph named to All-Summer League Team



No surprise here. On Sunday it was announced that Cory Joseph made the NBA All-Summer League Team. CoJo averaged 17 points, 5.2 assists and 4.4 rebounds in five games in Las Vegas. Outside of one bad game against the Heat, Joseph looked in complete control of San Antonio’s summer squad.

Kawhi Leonard probably would’ve been on the team as well, but his early departure from the event kept him from receiving the honor. Not that I think he or anyone else with the Spurs cares all that much.

For Joseph it was encouraging week for his long term development. More and more questions would’ve been raised had he not impressed this week. If he can’t excel against borderline NBA talent, how can he handle being an every day player in the league?

Instead, we get to take comfort in the idea that RC Buford and his group were able to snag another potential rotation player with a late first round pick, and Gregg Popovich and his staff have Joseph in line to develop into a NBA player. Good times.