El Conclusión: San Antonio Spurs 117, Milwaukee Bucks 110



San Antonio Spurs 117 FinalRecap | Box Score 110 Milwaukee Bucks
Tim Duncan, PF 34 MIN | 11-20 FG | 6-7 FT | 13 REB | 6 AST | 28 PTS | +18

Another brilliant all-around game from Tim Duncan, the type he put up without batting an eye in his prime. A few years removed from his prime everyone started to appreciate just how rare such games were and made it a point to cherish each one that occurred. Today? He’s approaching that mind numbing consistency that makes the basketball world take these games for granted again. There are no more “wasted a Tim Duncan game” moments anymore because it’s easy to expect another one.

Tiago Splitter, PF 19 MIN | 2-2 FG | 2-2 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 6 PTS | +17

Picked up some foul trouble trying to help contain Brandon Jennings and deal with an active Milwaukee Bucks front line. Has been doing a better job as of late finishing plays with a dunk and is probably the best big man in the NBA using the other side of the rim to protect his shot.

Kawhi Leonard, SF 24 MIN | 2-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | -4

A bit of an invisible night from Kawhi Leonard.

Tony Parker, PG 36 MIN | 10-23 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 11 AST | 23 PTS | +13

Tony Parker utilizes screens, fakes, and spacing with the proficiency of an NBA point guard half his speed, only he does so really really fast. Does that make sense? Got into the paint with ease and avoided over penetrating into the teeth of the Milwaukee Bucks shot blockers.

Danny Green, SG 30 MIN | 3-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 9 PTS | +9

Generally does a fairly decent job of making Monta Ellis work for everything every time he plays him. Green is searching for consistency in his jumper, but when he’s on, few connect better from outside. Right now he’s in the middle of yet another hot streak.

Matt Bonner, PF 7 MIN | 2-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 5 PTS | -2

Finished off a Duncan assist in the most appropriate way ever while adding his own touch — banking in a 3-pointer.

Stephen Jackson, SF 21 MIN | 4-8 FG | 0-2 FT | 3 REB | 4 AST | 8 PTS | +5

Not a bad night against his former team. Showed why he’s so happy to be in San Antonio.

DeJuan Blair, C 4 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -11

In past seasons, DeJuan Blair played the underrated role of eating up minutes and keeping Tim Duncan relatively fresh all season. Last season, he listed keeping Duncan fresh for the playoffs as one of his primary functions. Today he failed miserably, making it necessary for Duncan to return in the fourth quarter to finish of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Boris Diaw, C 23 MIN | 4-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 9 PTS | -2

Has been doing a good job immediately taking available shots lately.

Patty Mills, PG 1 MIN | 0-0 FG | 2-2 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -6

Fair warning, this is the most depressing picture I’ve illustrated so far this season. #PattyMillsShotCount: 0


Gary Neal, PG 13 MIN | 3-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 7 PTS | +5

Has a few games worth of lost shot opportunities to make up for and got off to a good start tonight.

Nando de Colo, PG 1 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-2 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -6

It stands to reason that with Gary Neal returning, Nando De Colo would see his minutes fluctuate again. That might be doubly true now that Manu Ginobili is rounding into form, making De Colo’s skill set somewhat redundant compared to Neal’s.

Manu Ginobili, SG 27 MIN | 5-12 FG | 4-6 FT | 2 REB | 6 AST | 16 PTS | -1

Manu Ginobili is getting into the paint again, which is opening up all sorts of options on the second unit. I’ve seen more of Ginobili’s assists come from the paint these past few games than the rest of the season.

Gregg Popovich

Went too deep into his bench far too early in the game, requiring the Spurs to send Tim Duncan and Tony Parker out in the fourth quarter to finish the game.

Five Things We Saw

  1. In years past Tim Duncan’s signature move was his reliable bank shot from 15-feet out on the wings. These days he can be found killing teams from the elbows, knocking down shots and drawing Milwaukee’s young shot blockers out of the paint to open driving lanes for teammates.
  2. Both teams feature defenses that concede inefficient mid-range shots. The difference between the two is the Spurs offense is patient and works for better looks in addition to the long 2s conceded.
  3. John Henson and Larry Sanders have enough size and athleticism to intrigue. Henson in particular had a couple of nifty moves and showcased a convincing enough off-hand that I thought I had another fellow left-handed basketball player to love.
  4. Speaking of lefties, Brandon Jennings is my least favorite left-handed player ever. The inefficiencies of a game wrapped in enough potential to be more. I can’t wait until a team overpays him, I smugly say “I told you so,” and then he goes off a season or two later just so everyone can remember that I said this.
  • The Heretic

    Time to resize that unwieldy patty mills shot count image. It’s stretching the contents past the point of no return!

  • Steve Tallent

    Can’t see the scores.

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  • NYC

    Works fine on my MAC.

  • NYC

    Parker’s hitting more and more 3s. I noticed it started two seasons ago and has grown each season. I wonder if by the time his speed finally leaves him, he’ll become like Jason Kidd.

  • Michael Steele

    Think Pop/RC should send a message (both literally and metaphorically) to the NBA early tomorrow, saying that Tim and Tony have picked up knocks and can’t play tomorrow. Or even just inform the league office, the media and Knicks “in a timely fashion” that they won’t be playing. Would be hilarious!

  • Poogs

    Tony’s season is one of a kind so far..Per 36 mins, 21+ pts, 8+ assists, less than 2.5 turnovers (min. 20 mins played). This has NEVER been done by anyone else…

  • merkin

    With Blair everything went to shit. They guy’s become a lump.
    BTW no national tv for Knicks game, so Pop should have an easier time should he decide to sit guys.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lordxar Ray Briggs II

    Thanks for adding the extra line break between stats and paragraph. Often mine would run together when I viewed the page. I love these breakdowns.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lordxar Ray Briggs II

    I think its time to move Blair. He isn’t happy in SA and the Spurs don’t really seem to need him and his main positive, rebounding, seems to have gone by the wayside. I think a change of scenery would elevate his game and his attitude as I think he could be a really successful player in the NBA.
    There has to be another PF/C out there unhappy with his team that could also use a change of scenery we could make a trade for.
    How about that Cousins kid? The Kings are tired of him right? Ship him to SA. Your welcome Sacramento.

  • GoSpursGo

    We would likely have to give up a lot for Cousins. Headcase or no, he has the physical tools to a top 10 or better player. Question is-does the SA culture steer him straight, or does he poison the well.

    If Cousins could be had for SJax’s contract and a throw in like Neal, CoJo, Blair or Mills, that would be great. If it was SJax + Leonard, I would have to think long and hard about it.

  • Tyler

    The question is, why would another team give up anything of value for a simple energy guy on a very small expiring contract? I’d imagine most teams wouldn’t consider giving up even a 2nd rounder for him.

    Honestly, the way he’s playing right now, he’s border line NBA caliber. The truth is he really hasn’t improved since he was drafted. I have a hard time believing he’d be in SA if his contract wasn’t already guaranteed.

  • ThatBigGuy

    I think that the Spurs culture would be a great place for Cousins. The question you have to ask: Is Cousins’ tantalizing talent and questionable attitude worth trading Kawhi Leonard? I say yes.

    We could argue for days about the talent swap, or if the organization could actually straighten Cousins out. But look at the financial side. When Cousin’s contract runs out in 2015, the Spurs will only have 1 player under contract: Corey Joseph.

    This would be the classic balls to the wall effort to win Timmy a 5th ring. Win or lose, Tim’s contract runs out when Cousins’ does, and the Spurs can hit the reset button. There’s very little risk involved financially.

  • ThatBigGuy

    I think the Spurs offer him a typical contract for a 5th big, then let Blair and the FA market decide where he goes. For a 5th big, you can certainly do worse that paying $2.5 million a year for a guy with a real NBA skill (rebounding) who knows the system.

  • Manu

    You got to be really desperate to trade Kawhi for a nutcase.

  • Tyler

    I get that he knows the system, but I’d rather use the money on a project that has the potential to be more than the 11 or 12 man in the rotation. We know what we have in Blair, and it’s fairly easy to replace what he gives you.

  • senorglory

    Where has his rebounding gone?