4-Down Podcast, Ep. 71: The injury bug bites early in the new year


We’re not even a week into the new year and the injury bug has bitten already. Perfect. In the latest 4-Down Podcast, Andrew McNeill and I talk a little about the Tiago Splitter injury among other things of interest from the week that was, including Zach Lowe’s recent column on the NBA’s draft lottery system and a reported league proposal that might revamp the process entirely.

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Hope everyone has a great 2014; let’s get it started the right way.

  • Mark

    Suggested podcast topic: screening the screener

    Huge spurs fan here. Recently spent some time looking at some old analysis of the Spurs, Prada’s pictures, Coach Nick, some stuff here and at PTR. A lot of focus on the spurs screening-the-screener action leading into pick and roll.

    I’ve noticed that this season the spurs aren’t doing that as much (screen the screener), do you think they are waiting to break out there full offensive sets in the playoffs? Why have they moved away from this innovative tactic?