4-Down Episode 16: Previewing the Season with Zach Lowe


The NBA season is upon us. Finally. To celebrate, I invited Zach Lowe, the lead blogger at Sports Illustrated’s The Point Forward NBA blog and former writer at CelticsHub of the TrueHoop Network, to join me on the 4-Down Podcast and look at the upcoming season.

Zach talks about what he thinks of the San Antonio Spurs as title contenders and what has to go right for San Antonio to progress that far. Lowe also discusses his admiration for George Hill and how awesome Matt Bonner is… for a fourth or fifth big. Then we get into some general NBA discussion and talk about Steve Nash’s recent comments and this year’s rookie class. Also, we discuss the Boston Celtics, because Zach is a Celtics fan.

Have a listen.

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  • rob

    Great interview. Thank you Andrew.

    I whole heartily agree that something besides the norm in Spurs basketball has to change. And I think the youth that have been acquired isn’t by happen stance. Zach Lowe’s perspective is spot on. I think that becoming something different (more of a fast break team perhaps) isn’t just talk. Perfecting that method is going to take some time. But the old tried and true can still be implemented as well. Just not as the foundation of this team’s offensive philosophy.

    Defensively…he’s correct as well. This team is not going to be the same defensive team of years past and needs to find some identity in that regards. If one has been paying attention…you can see the different defensive avenues being tried. Perfecting what works best is going to take some time as well.

    Again…I agree about Hill. He’s better suited at 2 than 1. If Hill could start on another team with a good pg such as Rondo…Hill probably would produce more efficiently. And he produces efficiently now with the Spurs as a b/u pg. Thus my belief he should start as the 2 alongside Parker. They’ve proven to be a formidable duo regardless of size differential in some cases.

    Thanks for providing Bonner’s shooting percentage of 2 years ago and last year during the playoffs. I’m still of the contention though that Bonner does play great when things are going good to great…and not so good to great if the team isn’t playing good or great. I don’t think he has a take over…this is what I do…regardless of the situation…type of player. And perhaps to ask that of him being a 4th to 5th option isn’t fair. But the team was asking more than that of him during those situations. And he proved that he is a 4th to 5th option…plug and play type of player… as long as the situation doesn’t ask of him to be a difference maker.

    Again. Great interview.

  • TheRed&Black

    Good stuff.

  • TheRed&Black

    Im all for the fast break Spurs. Hill needs to start. Get out of the gate fast on people. It will kill weak teams when they actually have to run back on defense, and then when on offense dribble the ball to a rested and set TD. Blair needs to let Duncan get all those defensive boards, and get down the court. Then when Duncan comes back in the game after his few minutes of rest, We slow it down, play our tried and true half court sets and feed it inside to Timmy fresh. Bring Manu in with TD as the 6th man, and surround him with shooters. Bonner or Splitter, Anderson, and Gary Neal to spread the floor. It would truly be 48minutesofhell. Can’t wait for tomorrow night! Go Spurs Go!

  • http://www.operaforthemasses.com David G

    Great stuff. Beginning of Spurs transition to a new era, but the old core isn’t gone yet.

    I’m excited for the season all together. Should be one of the more interesting ones in a long time. My top 8 reasons to be excited.


  • LonghornMike

    “Lowe also discusses his admiration for George Hill and how awesome Matt Bonner is… for a fourth or fifth big.”

    Exactly. But when he is starting or even your 3rd big like in 08/09. That’s almost a bad Brian Scalabrine nightmare.