4-Down Podcast, Ep. 69: A pre-holiday fix from the week that was


It was an interesting week in Spurs-land, as we already discussed just a few days ago. From a Half-Spurs victory at Golden State to a Leonard-less loss to the Thunder, San Antonio has had a wonky time of it in recent games.

But it appears this team has a chance for a little more normalcy as it heads into Monday night against the Raptors. We expect Leonard to be back (though that’s not a guarantee), and Toronto offers a good shot at getting back in the win column (though they just beat the Thunder on Sunday).

Anyway, as always, enjoy the show, subscribe to us on iTunes and let us know what you think. Happy holidays from the 48 Minutes of Hell crew!

  • rj

    hopefully there is a way to carve out minutes for danny green to cover reggie Jackson with the second unit. corey joseph may be a viable defensive option as well, but he can’t be trusted to bring the ball up the court with heavy ball pressure.
    if ibaka shoots threes, so be it. but okc brings a lot of size off the bench. any ideas how the spurs counter?

  • Phasteddie

    regarding the “goaltending” — NBA rule no. 11c states “for goaltending to occur, the ball, in the judgment of the official, mus have a chance to score”. The ball was definitely coming out of the basket, after looking at all the replays. So, the officials made the right call. Reggie Miller had no clue —

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