4-Down Podcast, Ep. 70: What in the 48 Minutes of Hell is wrong with the Spurs’ defense?


Mr. Graydon Gordian stopped by the 4-Down Podcast to talk some hoops. It went long. But I promise there’s some good stuff in there.

We broke down just what is going on with the Spurs’ defense, and we tried to solve the riddle of why the starting lineup is struggling to score. (I will have a more detailed column on this in the next day or two.) We also got into some more NBA-centric stuff toward the early middle of the podcast.

If you’re not into that just fast-forward a little ways and you’ll get back to Spurs talk, but we dove into the Russell Westbrook situation a little and discussed how damn good the Thunder look.

Anyway, let us know what you think, and we hope you enjoy it. And hey subscribe to us on iTunes it’ll be fun and you’ll be glad you did!

  • fkj74

    The common theme is a combination of too many long jumbers, giving up open 3 point shots, and live ball turnovers. This has lead to explosive quarters. The other 3 quarters we play even or ahead. Solutions..more Kawhi post ups..Green back in with starters, and more Baynes post ups. Spurs!

  • rj

    I understand that the offense is discombobulated and wanting bellinelli to be another ball handler with the starters, but i would still rather see danny green getting the call. getting our defense in tact i would think, would be a priority.
    very comprehensive. this is the only spurs cast.

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