The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 43: Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game



"Who's got two thumbs and isn't afraid of playing a prank in a regular season game? THIS GUY."

We get the post-All-Star break portion of the season started off right: with a long, two-part podcast with Rob Mahoney. You may know Rob from his work at TrueHoop Network Dallas Mavericks blog The Two Man Game. Or at NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk. Or at the New York TimesOff the Dribble Blog. Or somewhere else on the Internet. Seriously, dude is everywhere.

Rob was kind enough to join us for an extended talk on many things Spurs and NBA, and many things that are neither of those. We talk about Ian Mahinmi and how he has developed with the Mavericks, and if the Spurs made a mistake by not bringing Mahinmi back. We also talk about the Spurs’ playoffs chances and potential matchups where the Spurs could face trouble.

There’s also the question of whether or not the Spurs made a mistake in not using the amnesty provision on Richard Jefferson in the offseason, especially with what we know now about the Spurs’ depth on the wings.

Eventually, Graydon joins us to talk about pickup basketball, nicknames, band names, the potential trade of Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic, and Gregg Popovich throwing the Portland game.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

  • Cameron

    Haha I know that pic.  Pop and Shaq having a good laugh post Hack-a-Shaq.

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  • DorieStreet

    I’ve got the feeling that this game (Bulls @ Spurs -Leap Year Day – Night) is the equivalent of January 30th game @ Mavs     – this needs to be a Spurs Win

  • Bankshot21

    So ” The Big Fundamental ” isn’t a fitting nickname?