The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 45: Henry Abbott of TrueHoop


The Blogfather, Henry Abbott, joined the 4-Down Podcast this week to talk with Graydon and me about the Spurs. Henry, if you didn’t know, runs ESPN’s TrueHoop NBA blog and created the TrueHoop Network, which 48MoH is proud to be a part of. It’s been long overdue that we have Henry on the podcast and this week we were finally able to make it work.

We talk with Henry about the injuries to Manu Ginobili this season and his thoughts when Manu first when down about where the Spurs would be. Henry also talks about tanking, which has been a major topic of discussion over at TrueHoop (and here) through the HoopIdea series of posts. Additionally, we dish with Henry about stretch 4s and how to turn off a background ringer on the sly.

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