The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 39: Jared Wade of Eight Points, Nine Seconds



We miss you already, George. (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

For the first time since June, we come to you with a 4-Down Podcast containing no lockout talk. The labor dispute should be over soon and we’ll have regular season basketball starting Christmas. For this episode, we had Jared Wade from Indiana Pacers blog Eight Points, Nine Seconds on for the first time.

In what could, but probably won’t, be described as an audio celebration, we talked about the fateful trade that tied our organizations together. Was the George Hill for Kawhi Leonard trade the closest a deal can get to being win-win? At the very least, both teams see some help. We also talk about the idea of George Hill now being considered a veteran leader.

In addition to basketball, we break down proper karaoke protocol and what constitutes a “hot date.” The 4-Down Podcast: for all your non-basketball topics that basketball people think about.

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  • titletown99030507d

    I was over that when he was traded.

  • DorieStreet


    Until George Hill leads the Pacers back from 5 straight losing seasons to being a top 4 eastern conference team, and/or Kawhi Leonard is the catalyst in helping a post-Duncan Spurs squad regain its stature as a playoff season powerhouse, I’d refrain from calling the swap for them “the fateful trade that tied our organizations together.”

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    I was cheesing it up a bit. I tend to do that.

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  • Jeffrey Thompson

    I can see why the Spurs traded George as he took minutes from Tony Parker and Kawhli Leonard fills in a need for a solid perimeter defender.

  • Bryan

    This podcast is horrible all they talked about was Fazolie’s bread sticks and karaoke…. though this was supposed to be about basketball.    

  • andy


    get over it