The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 36: John Krolik of Cavs: the Blog



Photo credit: Keith Allison

Tim Duncan has been praised as many things in his Hall of Fame career. Weirdly, strong isn’t one of those things. At least, not a lot. In truth, though, Tim Duncan is one of the strongest players in the league, even if he doesn’t look like a chiseled rock. That’s in part to his top-notch lower body strength. John Krolik of Cavs: the Blog brings this issue up in the latest episode of the 4-Down Podcast.

John also contributes to such places as the Heat Index and NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk.  John is on a bit of a tear through the blogosphere right now after his review of the book “The Whore of Akron by Scott Raab.

In addition to Tim Duncan’s strength, we talk a lot about LeBron James, the 2007 NBA Finals and, of course, the NBA Lockout.

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