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Before the NBA players union and owners ended talks for the night and announced that a revised offer was on the table for players to consider, Kevin Arnovitz joined Graydon and me on the latest episode of the 4-Down Podcast. Kevin is a NBA writer for and the editor of the TrueHoop Network, so he knows basketball pretty well. Kevin also started, so you know he’s dedicated to the NBA if he’s willing to blog about the Clippers as far back as 2006.

On this week’s episode, we talked a lot about the business around the NBA. Not the lockout per se, but things like the NBA being successful in small markets, the global TV market eventually being a breakthrough for the NBA and Kevin’s idea of a 44 game season for the league.

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  • punteney

    To combine all the ideas… The NBA should do an Asian and/or European tournament, where all the teams go over to say Asia for a 3 week tournament. The winner would be the NBA Asian Champion. Make it single or double elimination, that is worth 24 regular season “wins”. The winner of the tournament would get 24 wins (though they will of only played 8 games or so) the second place team would get 21 wins 3 losses, scaled on down by round until the first round losers would get 24 losses 0 wins. That way winning the tournament (or at least doing well) has a significant impact on the teams and making/seeding for the playoffs.

    You could hold the tournament all in one venue, or each team could have a “sister” city where the higher seed would play their games (at least until the final four). Could possibly even do something where the top 1 or 2 teams from that region get to play in the tournament or something.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    For those that listened to the podcast, Austin isn’t over 1 million people in population according to the 2010 census, but it is the 14th biggest city in the US with over 790,000 people.

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