The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 48: Kevin Arnovitz of



It'll be a few days before you see the Spurs on the court again. (Photo credit: Derrich on Flickr)

The Spurs dispatched the Clippers in efficient fashion, taking as few games as possible to get the job done. While that doesn’t leave a lot of opportunities for us to watch the Spurs, it gives us plenty of time to talk about them and second guess anything we feel like. With the Spurs not taking the court until Sunday, we have plenty of time to talk about the Clippers series and look ahead to Oklahoma City.

To fulfill both criteria, we asked Kevin Arnovitz, NBA writer and TrueHoop Network editor, to come back on the 4-Down Podcast and chat with us. Kevin started ClipperBlog and has written some fantastic pieces on the Spurs over the last few days.

We talked with Kevin about these playoffs being a Tim Duncan appreciation tour, where these Spurs could end up from a historical standpoint and if San Antonio could turn into a free agent destination because of the culture of the team and Pop’s system.

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  • Stijl

    I can see the concern regarding Ginobili because he’s been less “Manu-esque” than what we’re accustomed to seeing. And I know he recently looks (and has played) less than vintage Ginobili…but I do think the point made that Manu may not be exerting as much of himself may be the best explanation. Importantly…looking at his first round stats compared to his semifinal conference stats…he’s improved each series. Moving on to the next series…I think (hope) that’s more of an indicator of what’s to come from Ginobili than what there might be to worry about. And if he’s not needed to be vintage Ginobili because the “team” is doing well and winning without him being vintage Ginobili…so be it. My bet…vintage Ginobili could at any time (if needed) be awakened.

    Regarding top players wanting to join the Spurs even if the team doesn’t have Duncan (or an all star) to play for Pop and his system…That would be a great development for the Spurs. I just can’t visualize it happening long term since I can’t think of a time it has ever happened that players went to a team just to play for the system. And…eventually systems get figured out by opponents. I would think it would have to be something that is done relatively soon (next year or two) with regards to landing a top free agent before the system is figured out by the opponent and Pop does decide to retire.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Players still have to be disciplined enough to play the system and coaches need to have the edge over their own players even if it’s figured out. Developing unheard of but good talent into gamers isn’t done easily unless your a psychology major and have the knack for sniffing out raw talent.