The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 18: Spurs-Clippers preview with Breene Murphy and NBA talk with Kelly Dwyer


We have yet another episode of the 4-Down Podcast for you. This time, it’s a busy show with Graydon Gordian making his triumphant return to the podcast. He talks with me and our guest Breene Murphy of ClipperBlog about, what else, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Breene enlightens us on the early season struggles of the Clippers, they’re 1-7 right now, and talks about what the deal is with Baron Davis. Also, Graydon shares his Blake Griffin story.

And in the second part of the podcast — yes, there’s actually more than one segment in this podcast — I talk to Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie blog about general NBA stuff.

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  • Jim Henderson

    I didn’t listen to the podcast, but I do know that if you talked to Kelly Dwyer at all about the Miami Heat it’s a complete waste of time.

  • Graydon Gordian

    The only thing that is a bigger waste of time is when people begin comments with either “I didn’t listen to …” or “I didn’t read …”

    It betrays a grave egotism and an abject lack of intellectual curiosity.

  • Jim Henderson

    I knew who your guests were, and I made an observation about my knowledge about one of them (Dwyer). Anybody that predicts the Heat will win 70 games this year, and the Cav’s will win 12 games this year is not worth my time. If that “betrays a grave egotism and an abject lack of intellectual curiosity”, so be it. I’m guilty.

  • Chris in Phoenix

    Well said Mr. Henderson. I agree wholeheartedly!

  • andy

    rowr! opinions are never opinions here at the 48. they’re always “observations”.

    just kidding around. nice podcast guys. i hope former spur del negro rights the ship in l.a. but he’s got some loooong odds.

  • Chris in Phoenix

    Is it possible to think that Mike Krzyzewski could ever be the replacement for Popovich? I know he’s a coupla years older but he seems to want to stay in coaching longer than Pop and he seems to be the only coach he could keep the same military mentality in San Antonio.

  • andy

    @chris- seriously doubt it. if there were ever a franchise coach k would command, it might be the spurs, but he seems to be a lifer at duke. it’s a safe, locked down gig, he’s a legend there, and i don’t blame him for staying and being able to recruit your talent instead of drafting and signing players.

  • td4life

    thanks guys, not a lot of spurs talk, but enjoyed the last 10 minutes or so especially… speaking of bad contracts, i think rashard lewis is far and away the worst one out there, nobody mentioned that… it also prohibits them from being able to make a grab for ‘melo and/or paul, despite gortat being an pretty good trade sweetener.

  • Glen

    He’s not said that. Truth is no obstacle though, huh?