The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 21: Spurs-Lakers Preview with Phillip Barnett of Forum Blue And Gold



Group hug.

Forget just “Spurs Day,” Spurs vs. Lakers is the real holiday in San Antonio. There is no bigger regular season game for Spurs fans than playing the Los Angeles Lakers.

To celebrate the occasion, and to figure out who had the greater chance of being disappointed, I invited Phillip Barnett of Forum Blue And Gold, the Los Angeles Lakers blog in the ESPN TrueHoop Network, to be a guest on the 4-Down Podcast and preview Tuesday night’s first regular season matchup between the Spurs and Lakers.

Phillip and I talk about the rivalry between the Spurs and Lakers, and how it’s overshadowed by the Lakers’ rivalry with Boston, and we discuss how the two teams match up with each other.

Have a listen.

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  • DBAGuy

    All I know is we better show up to play. Kobe looked really pissed after losing that game to the Heat!!!

    We need to play for 48 minutes.

  • SpurredOn

    Andrew – excellent voice. It adds to the podcast quality.

  • mac


    This audio very clear and clean… can I ask what technology you two guys were utilizing to pull this off so well?

    The Lakers are in trouble if they add a second 3-game losing streak in this young season. They have had more rest than the Spurs, and I expect them to be very focused. Go Spurs, Go!

    Meanwhile, Dallas lost Dirk tonight, so that should make the game a must win for the Spurs, with a good chance to even the series and create some room in the standings to finish out the year on top.

  • J.R.

    This game will show a preview of the west finals and as a spurs fan we love the world talking all about the lakers.This is are year!!!

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  • Andrew A. McNeill


    Much appreciated.


    I use a combination of Skype for the conversation, Audio Hijack Pro to record the audio, and Audacity to arrange everything.

  • mac

    Thanks Andrew.