4-Down Podcast, Episode 60: Did Game 1 blowout set tone for series?


The Spurs were more impressive than most people anticipated in their series-opener against the Grizzlies, moving the ball effortlessly and playing lockdown defense on one of the best low-post threats in the game. But was that a trend, or can we look at it as an anomaly?

Our own Andrew McNeill and I talked about San Antonio’s offense and defense, as well as what Memphis might do to counter the Spurs in tonight’s Game 2. Just a prediction: this will be a closer game than the one we saw on Sunday afternoon.

Author’s note: We’ve had some technical difficulties (me, basically) getting this podcast up on iTunes. We are working on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=173600134 Ryan McShane

    The scores from the four regular season games: 99-95, 98-101, 103-82, 90-92 => +3, -3, +21, -2

    Using that information, it’s not surprising to see a game with the Spurs winning by a bunch. In that regular season game, the Spurs made half of their 3-point shots (9-18) just like they did in Game 1 (14-29). In those other three games, the Spurs went 7-29, 10-25, 8-23 for a total of 25-77 or ~32%. We can expect them to go 8-25… and make 6 fewer threes. That’s 18 points less. That’s a close game.

    The Spurs have said it themselves – this game was an aberration. Most of the rest of the games will be very close.

  • Chris

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