The 4-Down Podcast, Episode 54: Marc Stein of



This will quickly go from a game jersey to a practice one. (Photo credit: Andrew Smith)

A new NBA season is fast approaching. In less than a month, training camps will be open across the league and we’ll be subjected to far more Lakers coverage than we can handle. To mark the occasion, Marc Stein of hopped on the 4-Down Podcast to talk about the Spurs offseason. Unfortunately, we also talked a lot about the Lakers.

Marc gave us his read on the Spurs offseason and talked about the long-term potential of one Kawhi Leonard. In addition, Marc handed out a pro tip on dealing with what we like to refer to as “Bad Pop.” This is when Gregg Popovich comes out in an especially crabby mood. Basically, you shut up and let Mike Monroe of the Express-News ask all the questions.

Our thanks to Marc for coming on the podcast and we hope you all enjoy.

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    Any team that has Steve Nash (and a cast of top players) will be a perennial favorite. And the talk of a weak bench is almost non existent when considering that bench can be hidden amongst implementation of the star power LA possesses. It won’t be like the entire bench will be playing while ALL the stars will be sitting. So, in my opinion, LA will be in the in the least top 3 in the west.

    Now my Spur fandom says….F’ LA. But it will be a reality. So….the talk of Boris Diaw is kinda a joke to me. He’s not a top 4 in this league. He’s not going to be an answer to Blair’s demise of importance to this team. And the Spurs interior presence will be it’s downfall if they don’t improve (somehow) in that area. They have got to get more athletic in that area to release pressure that will be exhibited against the team’s perimeter players.

  • Virginia Spurs Fan

    I can hardly wait to see the Laker Index on the NBA menu on ESPN.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    ESPN already has the Land O’ Lakers blog on ESPN LA and Forum Blue and Gold in the TrueHoop Network, I doubt they would add another blog into the mix. Although they could add someone of Brian Windhorst quality to the roster to cover the Lakers next season.

  • Spurholic Mumbai


    Hearing the podcast, the inevitability of the coming season is easily a factor which every Spurs fan will have to contend with. Perhaps, the best “chance” for another ring may have passed, but only a foolish man will make predictions before the season starts.

    Just to share a thought, a coach of an opposing cricket team once commented ” If one saw the Indians practice, the opposition would be tempted to throw in the towel before the match” as the Indian cricket team was laden with batting talent and each player could be shortlisted as a matchwinner. It seemed, the Indians could outbat most teams out of a match. Unfortunately during that period, the Indian cricket team averaged less than 60% win ratio with no major tournament wins.

    Similarly, on paper, Lakers, Thunders and Heat are loaded, sorry, oozing with talent giving no or limited chance to the “aging” Spurs. However, with a big dollop of luck (a la Celtics of the previous season), some favourable matchups in the playoffs, hey anything is possible.

    Yet the thought lingers, did Spurs let their best chance to win another title just slip away?

  • DorieStreet

    I am going to other websites (, SI. CBS-/Fox-/Yahoo- =sports) for the NBA this season. The coverage of Basketball in Hollywood and South Beach will be sickening on

  • DorieStreet

    Given how most everyone (Spurs fans or not) opines the lack of height and athleticism in the frontcourt dooms a run to the Finals, the upcoming 6th-season try will fail again.
    But who knows—perhaps the this team’s combination and scheme (plus serious effort at better defenses) will make the 3rd attempt by this current Spurs group the charm to go all the way.

  • Tyler

    I agree with Stein in regards to De Colo. Even though he wasn’t great (or even very good), I saw a guy who has adequate physical ability and a good BBIQ. But even more importantly, he appears to be extremely confident. Similar to Manu, De Colo has a little flash to his game. But what is interesting is that like Manu, it’s not forced, it comes naturally.

    Overall, even after a subpar showing, I have little doubt he’s NBA quality.

  • asstman

    Stein offered nothing insightful to say in this podcast.

  • Colin

    Does cricket play best of 7?

  • Colin

    I wouldn’t doubt it, they’ll get more coverage over a 2 game losing streak than you’ve ever seen. The 3rd world city they call Los Angeles needs all the hype it can get.

  • Colin

    Let’s not forget the extent and nature of Dwight Howard’s injury. He had a herniated disc. This is not as simple comeback as an ACL tear, shoulder dislocation, etc with a typical rehab process. This type of surgery and rehab/recovery/long term prospect(s) lends suspicion to an athlete who is at the level of Howard’s nature. I’ll go on a limb that there’s a 90% chance that Howard won’t be the same player EVER. This doesn’t mean he won’t be extremely effective or productive in a Laker uniform, but I wouldn’t automatically think that he’ll come back in the condition that we’ve all been used to seeing him. No one is talking about this!!

    Let us also not forget that Nash, Bryant, and Artest are all past their primes. This is reminding me of the ’04 Laker team only not as good……..Time will only tell and I could be wrong.

    As Stein said, “On paper they look spectacular.” I agree, on paper they do look excellent. However, paper doesn’t translate to function.

    Its the Thunder that I’m looking at.