4-Down Podcast, Ep. 76: Champs, foreigners and free agents


DRAFT NIGHT. For most of the NBA, Draft Night is one to be semi-excited about. Unless you’re a perennial loser (Hey Cavs), there’s a modicum of hope that the player you grab tonight is the one to get you over the top; the guy who will make you a contender. More often than not, this is false.

The Spurs, however, are in a different situation altogether. Holders of the 30th, 58th and 60th overall picks, this deep draft doesn’t offer a whole lot for the champs in terms of star power. There are options to draft-and-stash or find NBA-ready bodies to plug what few holes this team has. What they’ll actually do is anyone’s guess.

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To celebrate draft night, we brought on 48MoH’s resident draft expert/fanboy Trevor Zickgraf to the 4-Down Podcast to talk about R.C. Buford and the front office’s options on Thursday night.

  • Dick

    Andrew and Matty are above being excited about Spurs championship. What cynical horseshit is that? Andy would be more excited about the World Cup winner than the Spurs winning it all. I’m glad Alaska Air lost your girlfriends bags lol. And Matty now the one time Miami Herald turncoat would wet his pants if the Astros won the AL.
    I believe
    I believe that
    I believe that
    I believe that Spurs will win
    I believe that Spurs will win and 48moh will say “meh”

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    Wow. Well excuse us for trying to be objective journalists.

  • Matthew R Tynan

    To be fair, I probably would wet my pants if the Astros win the AL.

  • Matthew R Tynan

    Thanks for listening, Richard!

  • LukeDawg

    Good stuff guys. I, for one, lost my mind when the Spurs won it, but if I wanted to read another overreaction I can always hit up the comments section. So I’ll settle for some good old fashioned objective reporting from you guys. Keep up the good work!

  • Buddy

    I like Xavier Thames if SDSU

  • SHORTY22

    its not an overreaction but I guess its cool to play down everything ok

  • glen big baby coozan

    long time emotional spurs diehard here
    i literally cried my damn eyes out after the 99,03,and 05 finals. 07 was kinda lame cause of the sweep, and this year….was kinda the same thing? Im so proud of this team and another trophy, but it was still a very unemotional ending, i agree with you 2 guys . it felt like it was a reach to try to get CRAZY OMG WE WON type feeling when it honestly just felt like, ‘meh well the best team won and thats that’
    damn spurs
    i love em