4-Down Podcast, Episode 59: Game 5


We figured it was about time to bring back the 4-Down Podcast to 48 Minutes of Hell, and not a minute too soon. Ya know, given that we’re already to Game 5 in the Western Conference Semifinals.

San Antonio finds itself in an interesting situation with the super pesky Golden State Warriors, but with home-court advantage back in their hip pocket, the Spurs are in a better spot heading back to the Alamo City than they were when they left.

Andrew McNeill and I finally got our act together and discussed some of the issues facing San Antonio as the ever-important Game 5 looms, and questions linger.

  • kalone

    One thing I haven’t seen or heard mentioned was Tiago’s play against Carl Landry in game 4. It was shocking to see Splitter unable to score over Landry, and then watch Golden State feed Landry the ball on the other end. Splitter may never be a dependable offensive player in the NBA (which makes me even more frustrated with the Scola debacle), but he should be able to score on and guard undersized power forwards and energy players.

    Any thoughts on how important Tiago’s play will be tonight and going forward? I think he has to be a plus-contributor for us to win a championship. He had that look mid-season, but then again, a lot of guys did. Maybe it’s the ankle? He looked a lot better last series, but then again, a lot of guys did.

  • idahospur

    Maybe I get distracted easily or that I listen to this podcast in several different parts, but it would be nice to hear a final synopsis at the end, especially in terms of what it takes for the Spurs to win Game 5, and then one more for the series.

    So my take is that Spurs will find a way out of poor shooting for these games and prevent Curry, Thompson, and Barnes from scoring a lot.
    Thanks for the podcast and the writing done here at this website! You guys are awesome!

  • Graham

    Defensively we are doing great, we just need our shots to fall on the offensive end. If we even shoot 70% from the stripe Sunday we are in a commanding position in this series. Here’s hoping Danny Green finds a solid stroke from the arc tonight, he’s the X factor. Kawhi’s corner 3 seems to have deserted him and Manu is a crapshoot. As scary as the thought is, our fortunes live or die with IcyHot.

  • http://twitter.com/Matthew_Tynan Matthew R Tynan

    We’re always open for suggestions… Thank you!

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