48MoH at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference


A little programming note. Scott Sereday and Graydon Gordian are at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference this weekend—I think they’re en route now—and we’ll have lots of blogging from MIT as a result. This, and this weekend’s Heat and Lakers games, will keep us busy.

This year’s Sloan Conference is something of an epic event for hoops writers. More on this as the weekend unfolds, but expect plenty of coverage. My post from last night was an opening move, pushing a pawn to the center of the board and all.

There will be so much coverage, in fact, that you should dial into TrueHoop all weekend.  Graydon and I are guest editing a special Saturday edition of TrueHoop. It’s going to be a dawn to dusk affair. Honestly, you should just stock up on Mountain Dew and sugary treats and camp in front of your monitor for the next three days.

And if you’re near Boston, TrueHoop is throwing a party on Saturday night. A big party. A big fun party. A party that starts at midnight with great live music. You can leave the Mountain Dew at home for a few hours. It will still be there when you get home, unless you have a cokehead cat. One can never account for cokehead cats. When Fluffy gets a nose for the stuff, all manner of unexpected craziness follows.


  • http://www.bpifanconnect.com Alix Babaie

    Wish I was in Boston, it sounds like a dork fest delight! :)

  • Zach R.

    Holy shit, Tim. The last paragraph about the cokehead cats cracked. me. up.

  • Tim in Surrey

    That’s excellent news, Tim. We’ll look forward to it.

    Have a good time in Cambridge fellas! MIT’s a beautiful place but pack an extra sweater. Oh, and you might want to make your cocktail a Moscow Espresso…

  • rob

    Way Cool. I look forward to spending any time available (especially Saturday) into TrueHoop.

    Thanks for the heads up.