48MoH TV 1.21.2014


  • Lee Baek Rok

    I feel i learned a lot. I only watched the Olympics, the last NBA finals which made me a Spurs fan despite the fact that they lost. I almost watched all the NBA teams at least once. At what point did you guys learn which position is good for what? It’s not like soccer where is pretty easy to know who does what because the defenders stay back, so on…

  • fkj74

    I agree tonight is an important game to win psychologically. Not for the team but the fans and media. This false narrative gets blown away by looking at the record vs. the top 10 and 15 teams. We wll always have trouble vs teams like Portland, Okc, Heat, etc in regular season. Playoffs different story as you can focus in on a team’s strengths and weakness which you cannot do in regular season. When we lost to OKC in the finals Green and Leonard were not ready for the big stage,last year proved they are ready now.. Green and Splitter being out is big time bad for our D. Last of all, no way you give up Leonard for Batum. Batum is good, Leonard will be a stat stuffing supestar. Go Spurs!