48MoH TV Postgame show: Spurs at Thunder


Join us for a live postgame show following tonight’s Spurs game at the Oklahoma City Thunder. We’ll break down the game and talk about what went right, wrong and horribly wrong.

If it’s your first time checking out 48MoH TV and you’re unfamiliar with VOKLE, it’s an online video-streaming program that allows you the viewer to interact with the conversation via text or video questions. Just hit the red “Join Event” button to interact with other viewers in the chat window and ask the 48MoH staffers some questions that we may answer live on air. We’ll be doing these live post game shows for every road game this season, so make sure to head straight to 48MoH after every Spurs road game.

  • Andres

    hey Andrew I have a homework asignment for you. Maybe two or three seasons ago, Tony Parker was always in the top 5 in points int the paint among all players, I think he even lead the league once, which is absolutely amazing for a point guard. Steve Smith from TNT used to say the Spurs didn’t need more post players other than tim because Tony and Manu could get to the paint so much. Before his injury, Manu seemed to be getting to the hoop prettyt well, but Tony, for a couple of years now, isn’t getting to the paint nearly as he used to. Can you find out where does tony rank among current players in scoring in the paint? The last time I saw tony play this slow it turned up he had plantar fasciitis.Is he tired from playing with his national team? The last couple of years. Tony was supposed to be the Spurs all star, because he is supposed to be in his prime. I think his game has been declining the last couple of seasons and guys like: Conley, Gordon, westbrook, Lawson, Rondo, all seem to outplay him. I;m not sure Tony has been a top 7 point guard for the last couple of seasons, did he peak at age 27?

  • Aaron McGuire

    I can do that. And will. Thanks for the post idea.

  • Anonymous

    Add how many times Timmy’s defender respects him.

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  • Anonymous

    First time I viewed this in it’s entirety.  Great points made and great observations to the pros and cons of the game.

    And with some of the “observatiions” it seems to be the same as many have discussed regarding Parker, Bonner and a weak front court.

    So…other than the obvious in what is needed most…how do the Spurs address and/or compensate for it’s deficiencies this season if not via trade?

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