48MoH TV Postgame: Spurs hold on to beat Kings


All the pieces are starting to come together for the Spurs. Several transactions from the trade deadline and beyond added several new pieces to the Spurs rotation and they’re starting to figure things out, giving the Spurs arguably the deepest roster in the league. That depth was on full display as the Spurs took down the Sacramento Kings 117-112 in the Spurs’ fifth game in six nights.

We went live on 48MoH TV to talk about San Antonio’s win over the Kings. Kawhi Leonard is becoming a monster for the Spurs, Matt Bonner only played 23 seconds and Manu Ginobili is regaining his form as the go-to crunch scorer for the Spurs. We talked about all those things on Wednesday night.

(Note: Apologies for the unceremonious ending, my internet connection went out late in the show and I was never able to get back.)

  • LPspursFan

    we are just going to keep getting better and better…gelling late, at playoff time, is ket to No. 5!!

  • LPspursFan


  • theghostofjh

    The best comparison for Leonard’s ceiling IMO is a hybrid of Gerald Wallace/Shawn Marion. The Spurs are very fortunate that his capability/potential appears to be in that neighborhood. It should be a lot of fun to watch him continue to develop. Hard to believe he’s just 20 years old.

  • Deeds130

    SAC’s big guys couldn’t miss. It’s very likely the Spurs would draw either UTA or MEM in round 1, and LAL in round 2. We may be deep, but this roster still has a glaring weakness that I don’t need name. We’ve won several games in this streak that could be called lucky, in that we got beat in NEARLY EVERY statistical category except of course total points. I’m not sure I can say that it’s the only stat that counts, not when it comes to forecasting success this season. We seem to be grabbing these wins mainly by being more composed than the other guys. We do NEED KL’s rebounding, give him the gameball tonight, but rebounding remains an unsettling concern. Especially against bigger teams. And especially since these Spurs seem to hang their hats on limiting opponent FGAs.

    Anybody else wish we drafted Isiah Thomas last summer with the 29th, 42nd, or 59th pick??? If SAC gets Kidd-Gilchrist this summer they’ll be in fine shape going forward.

  • junierizzle

    Not really. Some dude always plays good against the Spurs, for whatever reason. Tonight it was Thomas.

  • Easy B

    If there are concerns about the spurs going into the playoffs I would frame them like this:
    In the playoffs 6-7 players usually take the bulk of minutes.
    This negates parts of the spurs strategy of being balanced for 48 minutes across 10 players which they currently enjoy.
    The caveat: Pop might decide to dictate terms this playoffs and not conform to playoff tradition.
    Other posters on this site have noted the need to play deep into the roster in order to maximize effort from the stars. The good thing about the roster now is that we have multiple interchangeable power forwards and small forwards to throw at the opposition.
    In reality:
    Tony p…least interchangeable, but mills has played international ball, and is a similar prototype to TP.
    Manu…not replaceable, but green and Neal have shown an ability to make up the offense and defense over parts of a game.
    Kawaii and Stephen ….apart from having Durant or Le Bron, is there any other team whose SF rotation rivals?
    TD, matt b…..yes the quality falls off quickly but we are stocked with small centers who can switch
    Tiago, Diaw, DeJuan….there’s one center and 2 forwards to bang and limit the other bigs.
    In summary…how do we maximize the D of big men?
    Right now I see our best closing line up as TD, Tiago, Jack, Manu and TP…but if we were playing Miami I would sub in Kawaii for Tiago.
    Against Chicago I would have KL and Jack because you won’t beat the Bulls in size, but you can be more mobile in the paint to make it hard for Rose. Win 6
    Against OKC I would do the same..you need length and mobility to defend at the close. Win in 6/7
    Against the lakers I would try the KL SJ tandem if possible, but if things aren’t working Tiago will be needed with Diaw. Win in 6
    Against Dallas we can play multiple combos, and win in 6
    against Memphis we need Tiago and , but win with experience
    Against Clippers we can dictate
    Against Boston we win perimeter D
    Against Knicks we win with execution and other things
    Team I’m scared of the most: Heat…reason being that LeBron and Wade can overwhelm a game or maybe two and turn a tight series into a wipeout. So the spurs need to gear themselves to absorb these kind of offensive haemorages.

  • Tyler

    Diaw’s activity level has been great so far. I too was shocked SAC closed out so hard – he’s never been a great shooter from distance.

    I’m with you on your Bonner take. You would think the guy single handedly sunk the Spurs the last few seasons.¬†

  • SAJKinBigD

    YAY! I can comment again! Love the depth this team has! I’d still like to see Diaw score more, but his passes are pretty nice! And I ABSO-FREAKIN’-LUTELY LOVE Kawhi!
    I’m getting dangerously close to drinking the kool-aid, but regardless, I’m enjoying the hex outta this season!
    @Easy B – I like your assessments and I think you’re spot-on with ’em. There’s really no team in the West that scares me IF our guys are all healthy.
    Go SPURS GO!!!

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