48MoH TV: Show 1


This was our first installment of 48MoH TV. Our guest on Wednesday night’s show was Tim Griffin of SpursNation.com. Tim was kind enough to talk with us about a variety of Spurs related topics and was a great guest to have on our first show.

The second 48MoH TV show will be next Wednesday on 48minutesofhell.com at 8 PM CT.

  • Anonymous

    I understand Amnesty but I also don’t understand it! Why don’t they just make it that you have the option to keep the player. If they made it that, you have to pay all the salary but only say 25% counts against the cap, then you get to keep the player and it provides salary cap relief. That would be fairer than paying someone to go away then they get to go and get paid again by some other team.

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    I think it’s so that you don’t game the system. You can’t use the amnesty on a max salary guy and then re-sign him for the minimum. He would still get paid a max salary and you’d have that room to sign another guy to a comparable salary.

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