48MoH TV Postgame: Spurs vs. Grizzlies


We got live following the Spurs’ big road win over the Memphis Grizzlies. Aaron McGuire joined me to talk about Memphis playing some disjointed basketball — similar to how the Spurs looked on Sunday evening against the Mavericks. The Spurs had control of this game in the third quarter when the Grizzlies started to melt down.

We then answered a couple of questions from the audience about the Tiago Splitter / DeJuan Blair dynamic in the rotation. Finally, we played another round of “Name That Narrative,” in which I already won.

  • Anonymous

    Another road win! When does Manu get back?

  • Anonymous

    Tonight was the first time I’ve ever seen a ‘big’ get posted up by a wing player. Sam Young, like 6’7/8, was posting up Bonner. Therefore Bonner can no longer be considered a big and will now just be recognised as a weak, ginger eejit.
        On a side note, seen someone posting a few days ago that ‘they hadn’t seen Kawhi shut down anyone, so why consider him a lockdown defender’. I agree that he isn’t a lockdown defender yet but it’s games like today that show he has the potential to be a really good defender in this league. No player, and I mean NO player, comes into the league and is a great defender straight from the start. Defense is something that comes with experience and savvy(-ness???). This is the same for Tiago, it’s not that he’s shutting anyone down at this stage, its that he’s shown defensive capability and a willingness to put forth effort. Firstly he’s only a 2nd year NBA player and secondly he’s already shown a lot of improvement since the start of the season. Yes TD, he’s not a defensive beast, but he’s shown potential to be a very good one in the next few years.

  • rj

    aaron mcguire is a hipster…lol

    should the spurs try to carve out minutes for james anderson? he provides solid defense and is a much better offensive option than kawhi leonard.

    is kenyon martin a better option for us financially? not sure what his contract situation is.

  • Eatme

    Everyone knows Bonner is a really a small forward.  He’s one of the best 3 point shooters.  For the uninformed,  power forwards/centers usually can’t consistently pop 3’s.  Dirk TheNazi is an exception.

  • Stiegforge

    I guess Dirk “the Nazi” is not appropiate

  • Anonymous

    Never forget. But still not a good thing to say.

  • TD BestEVER

    MORE BS from the writers here……… Tiago had more TO’s than Blair in the same amount of minutes.  And More Tiago defends the rim BS……. Yes to answer your question Aaron it is your ROSE COLORED GLASSES! And the same with you Andrew.  They basically have played the same amount of minutes this year and and numbers are close in most categories.  But Splitter keeps getting this mythical defense award just because you all have POP/Bonner man crushes on him.   WEAK SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    You’re right, Tiago had more turnovers than Blair, which I neglected to mention on the show. But I did on Twitter shortly after (https://twitter.com/#!/drew_48moh/status/164200220459147264). But I stand by my opinions on the Tiago/Blair defensive dynamic. Splitter is a better defender to me, plain and simple.

  • TD BestEVER

    There is a difference between standing by a statement or opinion, and backing up a statement or opinion with some facts.  I’m just asking for some numbers to PROVE it……….. Because you and others have already made it clear that you prefer TS over Blair so everything that you say sounds extremely biased and nonobjective.  

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    Sure. According to Synergy Sports, Blair gives up 1.02 points per possession (125 possessions). Splitter allows .88 PPP (115 possessions). According to Basketball-reference, Blair’s defensive rating is 102 (per 100 possessions), and Splitter’s defensive rating is 100. Also from to B-ball Ref, Blair’s defensive rebound percentage is 16.2%, while Splitter’s is 22.7%. Individually, these stats don’t mean much, but I think taken together they point to Splitter being a better defender than Blair.

  • Aaron McGuire

    TD BestEVER, I’ll try to put together a post this weekend on it. There’s ample evidence to back up the idea that Tiago is a better defensive presence.