48MoH TV Hell of a Postgame: Spurs vs Nuggets


The Spurs finish up the Rodeo Road Trip with a 114-99 win over the Denver Nuggets, capping one of the best RRTs in Spurs history. We went live after the game to talk about DeJuan Blair’s big night (28 points, 12 rebounds), Richard Jefferson’s shooting, caramel apples and national media coverage.

  • DPG

    Blair had a great game, but is it not alarming how little he is jumping now for both rebounds and shots?

  • DPG

    There is that damn caramel apple

  • http://www.facebook.com/JoshCTheKing Joshua Concepcion

    So did we see Blair’s ceiling then?

  • ziijordan

     I think that Blair developed his shot to be like that so he releases it way too early since his man will block it 90% of the time if he tried jumping when he shoots.

  • http://radsci.uthscsa.edu/index.php/User:Nima Nima K.

    JA is out for sure, the way things look like. No?

  • TD BestEVER

     what you saw was what Blair CAN BE if he plays UNDER CONTROL and REBOUNDS……. 34 min and ZERO TO’s…….. he took 21 shots but only 1-2 bad shots……scored well in the PnR as well as the Post up game. But over all just used his body well on both ends.

  • http://twitter.com/acanof Overnumerousness

    Unlikely we re-sign him in the summer. Question is if we can get something for him this season. A high second rounder (losing team is good for &erson since easier to get minutes?) would be great to tab a glue guy like Kevin Jones or a young Euro like Satoransky/Aldemir. Unlikely we can get a player this year, I think

  • FunkTron

    Um. Nothing from the right side of the video? Is this two separate feeds, or one video with two frames? Anyway, you go Aaron. Carry it! Put it on your back!!!

  • FunkTron

    Yep. Just on my end. Neat tech, though!


     Interesting observation.  Could it be having no ACL’s is already declining his ability in that regard at such an early stage of his career?

  • Aaron McGuire

    I’m Greg Jennings. Gotta put the team on my back doe.