48MoH TV Live Postgame: Spurs at Bucks


The San Antonio Spurs fell to the Milwaukee Bucks 106-103 on Tuesday night. Immediately after the game, we went live here at 48MoH courtesy of the Vokle platform for a instant-reaction postgame show. We talked about the Spurs’ failing defense and how bad it was against the Bucks. We took some questions from the audience about the team defense, Tiago Splitter’s defense and Kawhi Leonard’s D on Stephen Jackson. We also got a video question from our friends at Pounding the Rock about Pop’s postgame quote calling this the worst Spurs defensive team he’s coached. Basically, no one likes the defense.

We’ll be doing these live post game shows for every road game this season, so make sure to head straight to 48MoH after every Spurs road game. Our next one will be Tuesday, January 17 after the Spurs’ road game against the Miami Heat.

  • JT

    So much for Spurs defense getting better. At least Leonard had a breakout game!

  • JT

    Parker 7 TO, 8 AST, uhmm not so good. 9-16 FT, not good at all, Allowing Jackson to score 34, on 12-17, unacceptable.

  • Andres

    Spurs currently 25th in opponoment’s FG percentage. Pop’s goal last year was to be top 5…

  • Sam – Australia

    21 minutes and 3 points from Matt Bonner is more of a worry.

  • Tim in Surrey

    That’s definitely a loss we can chalk up to Manu’s injury. There’s no way Jack gets 34 points on 17 shots against Manu, even when he’s in Beast mode…

  • Anonymous

    Bonner doesn’t even seem interested in playing defense much less
    than not being good at it.  His salary isn’t worth a stale bag of
    peanuts at this point even if the Spurs were wanting to deal him in a trade.

    As far as Parker…his offense wasn’t that bad…his lack of defense is
    what’s the most worrisome.  The t/o’s are from a lack of mental
    awareness while on the court and not playing within himself and what is
    given at the time.

    Overall defense is really bad.  But the problem is deeper than just the lack of individual abilities…it’s the fact the Spurs can’t funnel players anymore to an intimidating front line or trap situation and doubling out too often on the perimeter leaving wide open shooters and/or interior options from a swing or bounce pass when doing so.  Too much recovery having to be instituted.  They would be better off playing a motion zone type of D which is a combination of zone and m2m.

  • TD BestEVER

    They would be better off trading TP for a Big and young PG……… Because Splitter isn’t the Defensive stopper or even close to it….Blair jump shot is still a work in Progress and Bonner is Bonner(useless).  So i’m not sure how we can get better w/o a trade or big time signing

  • Bob

    It would be great if they can get somebody. But right now playing Splitter and TD together is the best rim protection.

  • Andres

    hey Andrew I have a homework asignment for you. Maybe two or three seasons ago, Tony Parker was always in the top 5 in points int the paint among all players, I think he even lead the league once, which is absolutely amazing for a point guard. Steve Smith from TNT used to say the Spurs didn’t need more post players other than tim because Tony and Manu could get to the paint so much. Before his injury, Manu seemed to be getting to the hoop prettyt well, but Tony, for a couple of years now, isn’t getting to the paint nearly as he used to. Can you find out where does tony rank among current players in scoring in the paint? The last time I saw tony play this slow it turned up he had plantar fasciitis.Is he tired from playing with his national team? The last couple of years. Tony was supposed to be the Spurs all star, because he is supposed to be in his prime. I think his game has been declining the last couple of seasons and guys like: Conley, Gordon, westbrook, Lawson, Rondo, all seem to outplay him. I;m not sure Tony has been a top 7 point guard for the last couple of seasons, did he peak at age 27?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Andres, I have a suggestion for you.  Do some homework yourself instead of posting the same thing over and over again.