48MoH TV: Spurs sweep the Jazz Postgame Show


It wasn’t pretty. Far from it, in fact, but the Spurs beat the Jazz in Game 4 and swept the series. Manu Ginobili led the team in scoring but everyone’s performances were soured after almost blowing a big lead and giving the Jazz the game.

Join us as we talk about the end of the Jazz series and look ahead to what’s next for the silver and black. Click on the “Join Event” button to participate in the show and submit questions to the 48MoH staff.

  • wannabe_fake_tough_guy

    It seems like you are buying into the whole mainstream media thing that the Spurs are full of holes. They SWEPT the Jazz, don’t forget that. The reasons that game 4 was close: A few Jazz players actually showed up; A few Jazz players started making shots; The Jazz were playing at home AND playing for pride; and maybe the Spurs relaxed a bit. You can’t have 20 point wins every time.

    I know you “want” to be a little objective, but c’mon!