Are the Spurs Trying to Trade For Amare Stoudemire?



According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, they’re giving it a shot:

Multiple league sources say the Spurs’ front office has researched and debated pursuing Stoudemire to play alongside Tim Duncan.

There are questions for the Spurs to answer: Would they be willing to part with the personnel – including possibly Manu Ginobili – to make a deal happen?

Do the Spurs want to re-sign Stoudemire to a contract extension and swell their payroll?

Do they believe Stoudemire could be the difference for their fifth championship?

All questions with no clear answers for the Spurs – yet.

Nevertheless, the possibility of an athletic, offensive force like Stoudemire has become too irresistible to easily dismiss. The Spurs (25-18) have lost five of their past six games, and have fallen into sixth place in the Western Conference.

“They know they’ve got to do something,” says a source familiar with the front office’s thinking. “They feel like they’ve got to at least look at this … and they are.”

A straight up swap of Manu and Stoudemire won’t work, salary-wise, so the Spurs will have to give up more than just the Argentinian. And considering a trade like this would put Phoenix in immediate rebuilding-mode next season, the Spurs will most likely have to part with one of their younger pieces, namely George Hill, DeJuan Blair, Malik Hairston and/or Ian Mahinmi.

One scenario is sending Manu, Ian Mahinmi, and Matt Bonner and his expiring contract to Phoenix for Stoudemire. This all depends on the Suns’ opinion of Mahinmi, of course.

If the trade occurs, it gives the Spurs one of the most talented and imposing front lines in the league, and provides an immediately more athletic core. A fast break of Tony Parker (even with plantar fasciitis), Richard Jefferson and Stoudemire could rival any in the league. Also to note, Stoudemire is a fantastic pick-and-roll player on offense. And the pick-and-roll is, of course, the bread and butter of the NBA.

But what happens to the defense?

Amare Stoudemire is not a highly regarded defender, other than his shot blocking from a position of help defense, so concerns on the defensive end are justified. Stoudemire, though, could alleviate the problems the Spurs have faced when playing small ball, giving the Spurs the flexibility to have the athleticism of small ball, while sporting the two towers of yore.

The Amare-to-the-Spurs rumor is just that right now, a rumor. It comes from a very reliable source, but at this point, it is still a rumor. As inconsistent as the Spurs have been this season, it is irresponsible for the front office not to inquire when a talent such as Stoudemire is available. It could cost San Antonio a folk hero and an identity, but is the payoff worth it? There are an extraordinary amount of variables at play here. What say you Spurs fans?

  • Adam

    As much as I hate to say it, it looks as though Gino is done. As long as we don’t have to trade Hill or Blair, Amare might be the missing piece we need.

  • Jordan

    I’m not really interested in getting Amare. I think one of the big reasons the Suns never made it to the Finals was because of him. He’s a me-first, stat busting black hole and I don’t know that I want him anywhere close to the Spurs

  • Tristan Wilkins

    I say make a push, and let’s get this deal done. I don’t wanna lose manu though. Just think if we trade bogans, finley, and bonner, what we could do with manu, tp, timmy d, r.j., amare, and blair, hill, ratliff, mason. That would be TIGHT!!! I do like Bonner though. He is a very good shooter, but a really bad defender. So i say let do the damn thang!!

  • Brandon

    My head says yes, but my heart says no.

    If it were to happen, how bad-ass would it be for Steve Kerr to buy out Manu and let him come back to the Spurs for the playoffs after a 30 day rest? Just a thought…

  • Big50

    I think the Spurs need a defensive guy. Amare is a good player and probably a great offensive player, but this team has got all the offense they need. I’d like to see a big defender that’s going to help with Gasol and the like.

  • Tristan Wilkins

    We need someone down low to be explosive for us. And Amare would give us that. I think he is a bit flashy, but we need that. We are stumblin and we may not recover this year if we don’t either play with more passion or make a move. Two good teams are struggling that made big offseason moves. S.A. And Orlando. Look at them. They doin good but they should be better. Something not workin for the Spurs. I have not a clue, but you can see they have no swagger. I hope they do what’s best for the team.

  • Roger

    As exciting as it sounds, I think that is a bad deal. Not because of the fact that I don’t want to lose Manu, but because I don’t think Amare is worth it. As Jordan said, he is a me-first, stat-padder who has not been able to really excel with the league’s best point guard giving him the ball. He makes bad decisions, is lazy at the defensive end and would demand too many touches. Then demand too much money.

    Something needs to be done but that is not it.

  • James B.

    I know I’m still hoping for everything to click. When they’ve looked good (which I know hasn’t been very often this season), they’ve looked like a team that would be tough for anyone to take on. They’re still missing something, but I sincerely hope they don’t make a panic trade for someone like Amare. I just have a hard time seeing him fit in with the Spurs. (Plus I’ve always kind of hated him)

  • Ivander

    Wow, I agree we have to do something, but I just don’t think Amar’e is the guy we need. And giving Manu away this year isn’t the right decision too.
    Stoudemire has been playing Suns basketball for years now and is everything but defensive minded.
    I don’t say it can’t pssibly work but if the Spurs should trade Manu for Amar’e who is going to make plays for us?? I’d rather give TP away and keep Manu. I really don’t know about this trade..but it’s only a rumour….for the moment! I got the feeling something is going to happen in the next 2-3 weeks, I just don’t know what. I’m worried anyway if we give one of the big three away……..let’s wait and see…turbulent times ahead (and behind).

  • POP

    I do not need Manu any more. He has always been just a bench kind of guy. No disrespect to him from my part, never ever. He is very happy with my decissions as you can all see. My new closer will be Bonner when he gets back. A quick 3. Bam! Game over, we win! Guys, don’s you see that we can play Amare at the SG if we need to? That will be a heck of a trick. I will teach Amare to play a lick of a D, relax, just like I fixed RJ right away. He is playing great, you people just don’t realize. Stay the course, I am the coach, I am never wrong. Scola is a bust and I saw it first than anyone, remember that.

  • Ant Gomez

    As good as this trade looks, i would not give up Manu for Amare! I would rather trade some other pieces for a true center and a defensive minded wing! IMO…if you know basketball, thats exactly what the spurs Need!!! interior presence, and a long wing defender that can hit the 3 ball

  • Rafa

    I would rather the Spurs deal Tony P. instead of Manu. But then we wouldn’t have a true point guard (G. Hill is just a short SG, ala Iverson). If we had a true backup point guard then I would be 100% behind trading Tony for Amare, money wise it’s a better fit than Manu, since Tony’s salary is closer to Amare’s than that of Manu. Plus, Tony doesn’t have that “special bond” with San Antonio that Manu always has had and always will have.

    …but again, if we trade Tony, who would our point guard be?
    …..gooooosh, Manu seems to make more sense…. and I hate even the thought of that.

  • Timothy Varner

    FWIW: An Amare-Manu swap wouldn’t preclude the Spurs from moving Richard Jefferson in a separate deal. I’m not suggesting one, just saying that the Spurs could keep their options open on that front. Ultimately, moving one of the Big 3 is tantamount to blowing up the core, and it’s more or less a precursor to a rebuild. If that’s the case, the Spurs might as well look at Jefferson’s trade value.

  • Daniel B.

    I agree with the comments that say Amare is a cure for an illness we don’t have. We can score. We don’t need a scorer. We need defense. Amare isn’t known for his defense.

    Trading Manu is a bad idea at this point, too. If we’re having chemistry issues as it is, getting rid of him (especially for a me-first guy like Amare’s reputed to be) will exacerbate that problem. Plus, while Manu’s shooting has been off, he’s found a number of ways to get it done otherwise (assists, steals, taking charges, energy).

    I don’t think this trade is a good idea. And I don’t think that rumors like this (or the Parker-CP3 rumor) are going to help the team come together. Adversity–even in the form of losing games–isn’t a bad thing as long as it creates camraderie. But rumors about cutting the heart out of the team is going to have everyone watching their backs and disrupting mental concentration.

    As much as I’ve hated them (and my wife can tell you that I have hated them), the recent losses have been to good teams that have been playing well (in the case of the Bulls’ jump shooting, unusually well). And we’ve kept it close. The team is still showing flashes of that Minnesota game–for instance, watching the second half of the first quarter of the Jazz game was pure magic. I don’t think we’re that far from playing at that level consistently. But blowing everything up right now won’t do anything to help get that consistency.

  • Nadeem


    Have you heard of any rumors involving RJ?

  • Jethro

    @Brandon: If Steve Kerr did that, every single Spurs fan would love him like Lakers fans love the past Minny FO.

    @Varner: I’m for trading Jefferson for ‘smaller’ pieces or someone else even if essentially means accepting that the experiment was a failure. He just doesn’t fit at all and I give up.

  • Artis Gilmore

    It is just a possibility scenario with no real world application. Think of it like a contigency plan that the US has made for when in a war against Sri Lanka, yes we have to have one, but are we going to use it? No. Never.

  • Chris K.

    I say trade Richard Jefferson before you even think about trading Manu. RJ just has not worked in our system, he needs to play uptempo like he did in NJ. Phoenix would be perfect for him. RJ and Mahinmi and perhaps some other small piece for Amare would be ideal.

  • GMT

    I think this deal would work better:

    Stoudemire & Grant Hill for Jefferson, Bonner, & Finley. We could toss Splitter and/or a draft pick in there as well, if need be.

    Obviously, I want to keep Manu because so much runs through him. RJ would work better in PHX because he pretty much always had a pass-first PG in Kidd to distribute to him and get him touches, which isn’t happening here. Bonner has already become a diminishing option for us (even before his injury), and I think he would have to be a staple of the trade. Grant Hill is old and might retire next year, can’t really say, but he’s still useful. Same can be said about Finley. Overall, Suns gain RJ while shedding $2.2 mil & have $5.7 mil expiring instead of $3 mil expiring.

    I don’t think I need to explain what we gain from Stoudemire.

  • Hobson13

    First of all, Manu’s days of being great are virtually over so I don’t mind trading him. In fact, it’s possible to trade him now and then resign him this next summer when he is a FA (for a much smaller contract of course). I think the Spurs are looking in the right direction in terms of position since the Spurs really could use a PF or C to help Duncan out, but can Amare do the trick?!? I have my doubts and like other trade possibilities.

    As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” It is pretty obvious to me that the Spurs are seriously looking to unload either Manu or Tony (or maybe even Jefferson) in order to get younger pieces. First we had the CP3 rumors now we have the Stoudamire rumors. These kind of rumors aren’t normally heard in the Spurs camp, especially in mid season. I would bet that something is going to happen by February 19. The Spurs are going nowhere as currently constructed and there are good players to be had by teams wanting to unload salaries.

  • Bill Hockensmith

    I think a 3-way deal with someone makes a lot of sense… the difference in Stoudemire and RJ is about 2M…

    then throw in Finley and Bonner’s expiring deals.. perhaps Blair… the Suns could then pick up another solid player from someone else with all that money to trade for cap space to a rebuilding team.

  • Jethro

    I agree that Manu isn’t how we expect him to be. But that’s sort of everyone except Tim.

    But the problem with releasing Manu and not getting him back in 30 days (which is pretty obvious) is that we NEED Manu nearly as much as we need Tim. So exchanging him for someone doesn’t really make us better, and at best doesn’t change a thing.

  • Jonathan

    I’m actually all for acquiring Amare, but not if it means giving up Manu. What I am comfortable with–and I think makes more sense from the Suns perspective–is offering Richard Jefferson + Tiago/Ian/Blair. The Suns need to stay somewhat competitive this year (because they don’t have their 1st round draft pick in 2010) and get a/some quality young big men in a trade for Amare. Jefferson would fit in really well in their system while they have him and become a trade asset next year in the last year of his deal. Tiago + Ian/Blair fills the second half of the bill, no? Anyway, why would the Suns want Ginobili? He’s older and could leave at the end of the year just like they’re afraid Amare will. Ian alone is not enough to make the hypothetical deal mentioned work.

  • jmjohnson24

    I’m not for this trade. I live in PHX and watch the Suns all the time. Amare has no D at all and complains when he doesn’t get the ball. Also he has doesn’t rebound. I think his average is like 7 rebounds a game. He is very good on offense but the trade off just isn’t worth it. If we are going to make a trade lets find someone who can play some defense. I think Manu isn’t the piece to move, although I understand that he may be the best as far as money goes. If I were in the front office I would look at maybe going after Okafor or Camby. Basically anyone but Amare.

  • krista

    WOAI in SA reported the Spurs were in the mix to facilitate an Amare trade… Not to trade for him… For whatever that is worth.

  • Rick Ashford

    I say, if the Suns are blowing things up and wanting to trade away core guys, go for Nash instead.

    Parker + Finley + Hairston for Nash + Barbosa cuts $4 million off of the Suns payroll, saving them $8 million overall with the tax savings. That’s big numbers for Sarver.

    They’ll get back a former Sun in Finley, so that might ease some of the fan base reaction to trading Nash. We’d get a more productive point guard, have a more consistent 3-point threat (Bonner can’t shoot with that leather thing on his hand), and Phoenix gets All-Star talent at point guard for cheaper (and fewer years), along with a good prospect in Hairston.

  • Rick Ashford

    By the way, I think Manu’s problems get solved by handing him an extension. I think he’s over-thinking right now because he’s trying to justify the contract. Give him some security, and let him quit worrying about it and I’ll bet he’ll settle in nicely.

    Even with him struggling, he’s still the second most efficient player on the team (behind Duncan, of course). We’ll never get back for him someone that will be as valuable to us as he is in the time-frame that we need them to contribute.

  • idahospur

    Manu isn’t worth the $10M he’s making now, especially with all the injuries he’s had the past seasons. So if he wants to resign for a good deal less, then keep him. With expensive RJ, the Spurs will look for cuts next year, unless they come away with another championship.
    Even though Amare hasn’t been the best on defense, I think he can step up if he has Duncan playing next to him sharing the load.
    With the way everyone has been trashing RJ this year, and the gamble the Spurs took, I can’t see him moving anywhere. So deals, IMO, have to be made without him.

  • Dad

    Andrew – We have discussed trading manu before. The only problem I have with that trade is who the spurs package with him. I would hate to see blair and hill go to phoenix. As for stoudemire’s defense – I think pop can push the buttons to make him a passable defender for now.

  • Chad

    Here is the deal. For all of you that say the Spurs are fine on offense, that is wrong. There are many times the Spurs go 5-6 minutes in a qtr with only 1 field goal. When Tim and Tony are out, we leave it to Manu, Blair, Antonio, George Hill and Roger Mason to get the job done. Manu should be shining in this role, but no one is.

    We need a guy that can play more minutes a game than Tim and Manu while providing offense. Manu, doesnt even play the 4th qtr until the last three minutes and that is a waste. Amare is exactly what the team needs. RJ is not a great defender and he is struggling in this role. It shows every night.

  • Will

    “A fast break of Tony Parker (even with plantar fasciitis), Richard Jefferson and Stoudemire could rival any in the league.”

    Didn’t we already read that when the Spurs traded for RJ? And look what happened… I don’t think Stoudemire helps the Spurs in any way except taking on another huge contract that will be tough to move.

  • Robert

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Amare in black and silver for one year, and like the idea of trading manu, bonner and Ian…But we can not and will not trade George Hill. We can’t sacrifice the future for a this season, and George Hill is the future.

  • Marcos

    Spurs need to make stops, they don’t need more offense. And particularly not the kind of offense that Amare does, he will demand de ball all the time, he is not the type of player that fits with the team, and it will be too late for him to learn how to play with these guys. Makes no sense to me. Besides, Manu is the heart of the team, without him, no matter who else you bring, you lose. Unless it is Kobe, Wade or someone with that kind of heart.

  • Josh

    Richard Jefferson & spare parts (Bonner & McDyess) = $21.94 mil. Toss in Mihinmi & that’s the salary difference & the youth the Suns would want but the scoring they like, plus a big to match their loss.


    Stoudemire & Barbosa = $22.97 mil and give the Spurs a center for the future AND the perimeter defender we desperately need!

    Keep Manu & the rest of the Big Three intact, but add a scoring center to replace our supposedly scoring wing. Barbosa heals up, plays Bogans/Hill’s starting role…

  • Alger Hiss

    Ivander –
    Tony is 27, Manu is 32. That means we can have Tony for the next 8+ years, or Manu for the next 4 or less.

    Would you still “rather give TP away and keep Manu”?

  • Bryan

    I’m most definitely opposed to the idea of trading for Amare… at least for Ginobili, etc. Sure, he looks great running the pick and roll with Nash, but I just don’t see him being nearly as effective running it with Parker. If anything, he’d need to run it with Ginobili to be effective. I just don’t think trading away Ginobili is a good idea. He gives the team a lot of heart, even though his numbers don’t always look good. He plays solid perimeter D, consistently leads the team in assists, and always hustles.

    I like the idea mentioned above by Chris K and GMT about trying a trade involving RJ. RJ would probably work out better running with Nash. I just have a hard time believing the Suns would make that trade.

  • Bryan

    And Alger, to go along with your point – trading TP for Amare leaves us with no true PG, as mentioned previously.

  • Cory Clay

    The trade I mentioned in a previous post of Amare for Richard Jefferson, Blair, and Manihimi, is the most likely deal. I would hate giving up Blair but the Suns obviously aren’t going to just give Amare away.

    Also with this deal they are a Mcdyess trade away from back to being big time players in the offseason Free Agent Chase!

  • BlaseE

    If TP was on the table for Chris Paul, than the FO clearly feel he isn’t able or capable to lead the franchise post TD. He is also 29, and if his recent ailment shows what he will be reduced to as he loses his speed, it might be scaring the FO. The fans have always been more attached to Manu as well.

    George Hill is a good player and I really like him, but he is not our future. He is a good role player with an outstanding work ethic, but I don’t ever see him being an All-Star. The main reason I have for not trading Hill for someone like Amare is that Amare is like a rental and Hill can be a fundamental piece for years. He isn’t our future, but he can help.

    If we traded Manu, which I am opposed to, couldn’t he sign as a FA with the Spurs next season or would he be a RFA for the team we trade him to?

  • VP of Common Sense

    Yes, Amare is one of the best at pick-‘n-roll in the NBA, but let’s not forget he’s playing with arguably the best pure point guard in the league.

    Can Tony Parker set the table like Steve Nash??

    Maybe in Eva’s dreams…

  • Bryan

    BlaseE, I’m not sure that inquiring about a TP for CP3 trade is an admission that Tony can’t lead the team after Duncan. The Hornets are obviously trying to cut costs, and when there is a possibility of scoring the best PG in the league (who is only in his 5th year), I think you explore your options. I think that is simply what that trade chatter was about.

  • Sauce

    Parker and bonner should be Our only trade options

  • Texxus_Boi

    Jordan I think you’re taking the black hole thing a little too far I’m as biggest spurs fan as they get but I at least understand that it could make us better as well, look was said about Zach Randolph he would be a black hole as well but he’s proved wrong and they’ve been playing great team ball. He came in early lost quite a bit a weight and now they’re rolling they’ve beaten teams many consider championship contenders and some handily so if it does happen give time first and who knows we may be champs!

  • Hobson13

    I agree with several of the above comments. Amare looks so good partially because of Nash. How many pick and rolls have we seen beautifully executed by Nash that lead to an open 15-footer or a dunk by Stoudamire? The answer is a TON. Nash is the maestro behind that orchestra not Amare. Nash averages 11 assists/game and Tony under 6. If Tony can’t set up RJ then there’s no way in hell he can get Amare involved in the offense. That’s why we need a post who can get his own shot and not have to be fed by a scoring PG. I don’t think this Amare trade is good nor do I think it will come to fruition.

  • Texxus_Boi

    Not to say that I want Manu gone or G-Hill if you can make something happen without including key players like say a RJ, Bonner, & Finley to the suns for Amare and Grant Hill.

  • lvmainman

    Stephen Jackson went for 30 pts and scored the game-tying 3 point shot with 20 seconds to sent the game to OT and the win against the Suns.

    Spurs could have traded for him and given up Bonner, Finley, and Bogans. 3 players who weren’t good enough to play against the Bulls in the last home game.

    Imagine Stephen Jackson, a 30 pt scorer, for 3 players who don’t play.

    Spurs shouldn’t trade for Stoudamire. They need to trade for Chris Bosh!!

  • Ian

    This is a guy who constantly has issues with his teammates, and doesn’t play defense at all. I honestly don’t see how he’ll fit in as a Spur.

  • bigtee34

    If we add amare we would have the western conference starting center and power forward.

  • Mike T


    I agree with you about Nash making Amar’eeee much better. Also, remember that Nash is so good in the pick-n-roll not just because of his passing, but because he is probably the best shooter in the NBA. Teams can’t defend the pick-n-roll when Nash is running it because he has so many options to work with between shooting, driving and passing. Tony is not in the same class.

    Also, for anyone who thinks that Amar’e would suddenly become a decent defender because of Pop and Duncan, remember that this is the kind of thinking that the Spurs bought into with RJ. The Spurs talked like RJ was going to be their best perimeter defender which was probably based on his athleticism and size. Let’s not fall into the same thinking in this case.

    I would only consider an Amar’e trade if it meant giving up spare parts and possibly Splitter (i.e. no Manu, Hill or Blair), but then again, I HATE Amar’e and LOVE Manu and Blair.

  • Errin

    If the Spurs are really serious about making a champioship run before Timmy retires they need to make it happen b/c whoever sees this roster as it stands now as a contender is fooling themselves. I love Maun and he has had a good run with us but it is over we should put that 27 yr old all-star stud next to Timmy and tell LA to bring it on but thats only if they are seroius about winning another ring.