Art now available from 48 Minutes of Hell


In addition to the recaps, features, and analysis, one of my focuses for this season is to bring more of my artistic touches to the NBA blogosphere. Time permitting, I’m attempting to at least get one weekly illustration or comic up. If the feedback is good, and there is support for it, perhaps a graphic novel season recap this summer.

Earlier this week I launched a small store where we’ll be making prints, t-shirts, and other products available at Society6. Of course commissions will also be available and any suggestions will be taken into consideration. I hope you all enjoy the work as much as I enjoy producing it.



    Makes a great gift as well as personal collection.

  • El Toreros

    That painting with Tim hugging the basketball is a masterpiece. I’d be very much interested to buy a print of that. Hopefully, it would still be available when I’m already wealthy. :)

  • El Toreros

    Also, I hope you make that painting of the coyote battling the bear available in print. That one was also amazing. Although, I fell into a slight depression because of that series.

    Anyway, good luck in your endeavors, bro!