Notes on the run: Conference Finals heart attack

May 28, 5:31 am — by

Sometimes I am happy that I write for a blog, instead of an all-important sports mega-conglomerate. Games like this one would be...

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Tim Duncan can still dunk on you (and will, if given half a chance)

April 26, 7:12 am — by

On the occasion of Tim Duncan’s 36th birthday, which was yesterday… I approach the abysm of the playoffs as if it were a...

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Panic Games

April 13, 9:22 am — by

Two days ago I had a panic attack. It was not my first one, thankfully. Five years ago, my first ever panic attack (which came about...

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The Metamorphosis

January 31, 9:08 am — by

Us fans are easily swayed by streaks. The winning kind make us salivate at the questionable algebra: (surprisingly excellent team) +...

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The other shot

April 27, 10:52 pm — by

I promised to write a short post about Manu Ginobili’s almost-triple. I keep putting my hands to the keyboard, write a couple...

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He came from Brazil

April 24, 6:56 pm — by

During the regular season, his “upside” (an euphemism for height and athleticism, usually, or just height in this case)...

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First blood

April 24, 7:01 am — by

Three close games have come and gone, and in each one the outcome has only been decided in the final seconds, in the final play. We...

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The right five

April 23, 1:38 am — by

As a fan, I approach the game today with a high level of uncertainty I cannot shake off – despite the have-been-theres, the...

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Of balanced offenses and other mythical monsters

April 17, 2:42 pm — by

Maybe the most difficult thing for a fan is to pick himself up after a close, hard-fought, all-out game like today’s. I imagine...

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