Shane Battier vs. Tony Allen: Who will guard Manu better?

April 20, 1:35 pm — by

Although Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol have received the bulk of the attention in the wake of the Memphis Grizzlies Game 1 victory over...

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Spurs lead league in local TV ratings

April 19, 3:06 pm — by

I don’t tend to compliment people when I discover they watch staggering amounts of television. Given that the average American...

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Spurs sign Da’Sean Butler

March 25, 9:29 am — by

Alex Kennedy initially reported and the team just announced that the San Antonio Spurs have signed former West Virginia University...

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You need revenue before you can share it

March 4, 11:35 am — by

“The NFL [labor debate] is completely different than the NBA debate because of the strength of their business.” As his...

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Boston Celtics 105, San Antonio Spurs 103: The executioners’ errors

January 5, 10:38 pm — by

TD GARDEN — I’ll go on the record as saying no two teams in the National Basketball Association execute better during the...

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New York Knicks 128, San Antonio Spurs 115: How many points can you score in an empty gym?

January 4, 9:19 pm — by

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN — On June 25, 1999, the New York Knicks retired into the drab bowels of Madison Square Garden having...

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Partying on the Mothership

December 17, 10:34 am — by

My good friend and colleague Jesse Blanchard has taken his talents to the mothership, penning not one but two pieces on last...

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Did Ginobili travel on his game-winner?

December 16, 10:14 am — by

If you haven’t been checking out Hardwood Paroxysm‘s recurring feature, Have Ball, Will Travel, do yourself a favor and...

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Personal Matters

November 19, 7:25 am — by

Tim Varner and I had a number of discussions about how 48 Minutes of Hell should address the news of Tony Parker and Eva...

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The State of the Blog: Editorial Directions

October 7, 10:47 am — by

I’ve been a ghostly presence around here lately, arriving infrequently and unexpectedly. It’s about time I explained...

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Sources: Splitter, Spurs agree to terms

July 9, 2:10 pm — by

Via Ticket 760: Ticket 760 has learned that the San Antonio Spurs have reached a contract agreement with Tiago Splitter. He is...

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A parable about thankfulness

July 1, 10:58 am — by

Next time you feel the urge to complain about R.C. Buford, think of me and what I am about to tell you. I was raised a Mets fan. ...

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