Woj: Popovich working out Jefferson

July 1, 6:06 am — by

You may already have read this (news travels fast these days on the interwebs) but Adrian Wojnarowski reported last night that,...

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NBA Draft day festivities

June 24, 9:33 am — by

I just wanted to check in and make sure everyone knows we are going to be liveblogging during the draft this evening. Will the San...

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Tall Brazilian: “I’ve always wanted to visit the River Walk”

June 17, 1:06 pm — by

(Ed. Note: Mea culpa. Originally I incorrectly referred to Tiago as a Spaniard, but a few of our beloved commenters took the time to...

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Hey man, it’s Ice: An interview with George Gervin

May 31, 3:46 pm — by

I don’t consider myself easily starstruck by my interviewees. I’ll admit to being a little excited and more than a little...

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With the 20th Pick in the NBA Draft …

May 19, 7:08 pm — by

… the San Antonio Spurs select the Maiasaura: You look at Maiasaura and see an unremarkable, slow, medium-sized herbivore....

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May 9, 6:59 pm — by

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48MoH on ESPN’s NBA Today podcast

May 6, 8:04 am — by

Michael Schwartz of Valley of the Suns and I stopped by ESPN’s NBA Today podcast to talk about bass fishing and knitting. We may...

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Other People: FSK, BDL, TBJ, DF, HP & Me

May 4, 11:25 am — by

Via FAT SHAWN KEMP Hey, you know what I haven’t done in a while? Well, okay, write for 48 Minutes of Hell is technically a...

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Previewing the past: The Spurs and Mavs meet again

April 18, 9:25 am — by

THE PRESENT — It’s strange to think about the emotional arc of the last twelve months: The soaring heights, the seemingly...

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Who will the Spurs face in the first round?

April 13, 10:04 am — by

With just two days left in the 2009-10 regular season, only the first and eighth spots in the Western Conference have been decided....

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Parker: ‘I want to play’ in Worlds

April 10, 8:38 pm — by

Fanhouse’s Chris Tomasson has the report: … As for Spurs guard Tony Parker, it sounds as if the decision already has been...

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Breaking News: Ginobili, Spurs near deal

April 7, 10:50 am — by

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Spurs are close to signing Manu Ginobili to a 3-year extension worth up to $40 million. We’ll...

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