Y! Sports: Spurs Trade Ratliff

February 18, 1:23 pm — by

Via Woj’s Twitter: The Spurs have traded Theo Ratliff to Charlotte, source tells Y! Sports. As of now, the move seems to be...

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Pop: I wouldn’t expect a trade

February 17, 3:51 pm — by

Via the Express-News: “We’ve talked to teams, teams have talked to us,” Popovich said. “That goes on all year...

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Stein: Mason-to-Heat Proposal Declined

February 17, 3:12 pm — by

Via TrueHoop: The Spurs were hoping to tempt Miami into absorbing Mason’s $3.8 million expiring contract into a $4.3 million...

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Report: Spurs Shopping McDyess (Updated)

February 16, 1:16 pm — by

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Spurs are looking to trade Antonio McDyess in anticipation of trading for Tyrus...

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Franchise in Fragments: Mid-February Fiesta

February 14, 2:53 pm — by

I was at the ’96 All-Star game. It was awesome. Although, let’s be honest- the Alamodome was a ridiculous venue for...

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Other People: Pruiti on the Pick & Roll

February 10, 11:37 am — by

Over at NBA Playbook, Sebastian Pruiti has a tidy little breakdown of a pick & roll play the Spurs ran early in the first quarter...

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Closing One Window, Cracking Open Another

February 9, 1:14 pm — by

Last week we ran a series of features exploring three options for the Spurs: Make no move; make a minor roster move; and make a major...

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Jackson: Bynum Likely Out, Bryant in Doubt

February 8, 1:52 pm — by

Via ESPN: Kobe Bryant did not participate in the team’s shootaround and spent the time undergoing “diagnostic tests”...

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A Toast: To Good Writers and Good Friends

February 8, 12:27 pm — by

I just wanted to take a moment and draw your attention to NBC’s newly launched ProBasketballTalk. I’m doing so not only...

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Monroe: Ankle Likely to Shelve Parker

January 28, 10:28 am — by

Via the Express-News: The Spurs won’t know until today or Friday how long Tony Parker will be out with another left ankle...

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Atlanta Hawks 90, San Antonio Spurs 105

January 27, 10:20 pm — by

Tony Parker left the game in the third quarter after rolling his Plantar Fasciitis-stricken left ankle during a layup. Tim Duncan...

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Manu’s Clarification

January 20, 9:05 pm — by

Since the story regarding Manu’s future with the Spurs first reached American shores, there have been some significant...

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