The one thing that makes Tony Parker a trade candidate

May 16, 7:29 am — by

In the recent must-read Spurs Nation interview of Gregg Popovich, the Spurs coach made two statements which are on my mind. Coach...

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The offseason: challenges, money, and market

May 2, 8:31 am — by

When the TrueHoop writers were asked to cast their votes for end-of-year awards I gave Excutive of the Year honors to R.C. Buford. If...

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The end of the line?

April 30, 3:11 am — by

Zach Randolph likes to beat the drum like war. For the fourth consecutive season the San Antonio Spurs lay among the conquered, and...

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Is Matt Bonner earning his minutes?

April 29, 11:49 am — by

I like Matt Bonner. I’ve argued for his place in the Spurs’ rotation. But I’m increasingly skeptical about his...

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Why playing Tiago Splitter is such a big gamble

April 28, 8:48 am — by

From the outset of the series, Spurs fan called on Gregg Popovich to give Tiago Splitter minutes. Pop took the conservative route and...

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How the Spurs nearly gave everything away

April 27, 9:43 pm — by

It’s difficult to imagine anyone demurring the game you just watched — the Spurs’ 110-103 OT defeat of the Memphis...

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Rethinking Game 1

April 27, 3:51 am — by

Perfect hindsight is easy, and it always has the advantage of never being tested against reality. But one wonders if Gregg Popovich...

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Recognizing fool’s gold, revisiting the trade deadline

April 25, 8:44 pm — by

Perhaps the San Antonio Spurs fell prey to the worst deception of all — of tricking themselves. From the beginning of the season...

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On the disappearance of Tony Parker

April 25, 7:42 pm — by

Let’s say it straight right from the start: the Memphis Grizzlies have completely taken the Spurs out of their game. It...

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On cannibalism and composure

April 24, 6:45 pm — by

At the outset of the series, I called our attention to a positively unSpursian trend of San Antonio’s recent play. Namely, the...

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A joke that isn’t funny anymore

April 24, 8:12 am — by

In recent years, the Grizzlies have been equal parts punchline and NBA team. One of the most important moments of recent NBA history...

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Deadball Manu

April 21, 5:48 am — by

Manu Ginobili yells at his teammates more often than any other Spur. This is a good thing. Nearly every recap of last night’s...

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