Captain Jack is back, Spurs trade for Stephen Jackson



According to reports by Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the San Antonio Spurs have reacquired Stephen Jackson from the Golden State Warriors:

The San Antonio Spurs have reached an agreement to acquire Stephen Jackson from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Richard Jefferson, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Jackson won a championship with the Spurs in 2003 and coach Gregg Popovich has long valued his toughness.

I’ll update this post with more analysis shortly, but feel free to share your thoughts. In the meantime just know that I am irrationally happy about this development. Every fan, writer, etc. has that one player that for whatever reason, sometimes against logic even, they love to watch. Jackson has always been that guy for me.  

It remains to be seen what Jackson has left to offer, but at a quick glance the Spurs have added a little more playmaking on the perimeter and a player known for dropping quotes about loving pressure.


  • theghostofjh

    Ryan’s point is weak, but yours doesn’t clear up the matter either. Again, shooting % is far from the end and be all in overall player value for a team. Jackson’s playoff success or lack thereof on crappy teams is not a useful indicator for how he’ll fit right now on the Spurs.

  • theghostofjh

    Yes, no kidding. Good point. Jack needs to be in the right situation to be efficient in what he does best. Charlotte and Milwaukee were not it.

  • Jechalker74

    Gordo… when comparing Jefferson’s shooting to Jackson’s please keep this in mind. The offenses that Jackson has been apart of has called upon him to be a first or second option, often creating his own shots. Most his looks would be contested.

    The offense he is coming is based in the creation from others to pass up a good shot for a better one. Most of Jefferson’s looks while being in San Antonio allowed him to find the hotdog vendor, get a dog and drink, wipe his mouth, stretch and then think about putting up his shot.

    I think Jackson will put up comparable if not better numbers, have some faith as we have a depth that makes teams pick their poison. Jackson will a formidable threat and if he’s not on the night at least we will see some solid perimeter D from him.

  • LPspursFan

    maybe Blair, but JH doesn’t give you the ‘stretch 4’ that Pop wants

  • theghostofjh

    No Robert Horry type, Spurs don’t have a useful stretch four, period. Thus, Bonner is useless whether Pop has a love affair with him or not.

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