The 4-Down Podcast, Ep. 77: Boris Diaw’s apprentice

July 1, 10:10 am — by

The San Antonio Spurs selected Kyle Anderson from UCLA with their first round pick in last Thursday’s draft. What does that...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 76: Champs, foreigners and free agents

June 26, 7:23 am — by

DRAFT NIGHT. For most of the NBA, Draft Night is one to be semi-excited about. Unless you’re a perennial loser (Hey Cavs),...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 75: No promises as the playoffs begin

April 17, 11:41 pm — by

Visit our Spurs-Mavs Series Hub for all the content posted during the first round. You know what, just go ahead and bookmark...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 74: Rodeo Road Trip, injuries and All-Stars

February 16, 8:30 pm — by

So the San Antonio Spurs are 4-2 through the first leg of the Rodeo Road Trip, and they’ve made it to that mark while dealing...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 73: Rodeo Road-Trippin’

February 10, 8:35 am — by

The Spurs are through the first half of the Rodeo Road Trip with a 3-1 record, a solid mark considering the issues with which...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 72: Manu’s injury, trade season and a mascot without pants

January 13, 3:49 am — by

In this episode, Andrew McNeill joined me for the first time in a while that we’ve actually had music on the podcast. So sit...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 71: The injury bug bites early in the new year

January 6, 7:53 am — by

We’re not even a week into the new year and the injury bug has bitten already. Perfect. In the latest 4-Down Podcast, Andrew...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 70: What in the 48 Minutes of Hell is wrong with the Spurs’ defense?

December 30, 10:24 am — by

Mr. Graydon Gordian stopped by the 4-Down Podcast to talk some hoops. It went long. But I promise there’s some good stuff in...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 69: A pre-holiday fix from the week that was

December 23, 10:33 am — by

It was an interesting week in Spurs-land, as we already discussed just a few days ago. From a Half-Spurs victory at Golden State to a...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 68: Aron Baynes and a White Elephant Christmas

December 16, 9:03 am — by

So, over a 10-day stretch, the Spurs flew down to Mexico, got smoked out of a game, flew back to San Antonio, got fogged out of an...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 67: Game-winners, Mexico and beatdowns

December 9, 8:00 am — by

It’s been an interesting week, to say the least, for the San Antonio Spurs. From Mike Budenholzer’s return to town, to a...

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4-Down Podcast, Ep. 66: Spurs 2013-14 season preview

October 29, 5:38 pm — by

BASKETBALL IS BACK! With the Spurs’ 2013-14 season starting tomorrow in San Antonio against the Memphis Grizzlies, it’s...

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