Don’t listen to Rob Mahoney, Corey Brewer is alright


Rob Mahoney preemptively defended the Knicks’ decision to waive Corey Brewer, and despite the playful title of this post, I agree with him.  Corey Brewer wasn’t a great fit for the Knicks. Mahoney:

Brewer may have played regular minutes for Minnesota, but he’s still a very poor offensive player who cannot be relegated to the corner because of his lack of 3-point range. That’s damaging enough on its own, but considering how important the corner 3 is to the Knicks’ offense, Brewer seems to be a particularly poor fit for New York’s rotation.

Having said that, I agree with Henry Abbott’s general assessment of Brewer:

Basically, despite playing for a miserable Timberwolves team, [Brewer] has showed up very well in almost any stat that incorporates defense — plus/minus, adjusted plus/minus, opponents’ productivity, etc. Some of that is probably an artifact of the reality that it’s easy to be efficient when you aspire to do little on offense. Brewer doesn’t take a lot of bad shots, he can feed the post, and he’s incredibly high energy so he cleans up on turnovers and with easy buckets.

Corey Brewer actually improved his shot last season. He shot at least .300 from around the arc, splitting up his accuracy HotSpots style, which was remarkable because you couldn’t pay him to attempt a three during the 08-09 season. He knows his place. His shooting has kind of fallen back this year, and it’s difficult to say whether his three point shot is redeemable (Chip Engelland, look for your Bat Call) or if last season’s improvement was a fluke. But, going with Mahoney, Brewer is not someone whom smart coaches can hide in the corner. Maybe someday. Not today.

But it’s also the case that the Spurs are not the Knicks, despite all the corner three love between them.

Corey Brewer would immediately make the Spurs a better basketball team.  Immediately.

Describing Brewer in terms of Bruce Bowen is more than a little overblown. He’s not that kind of defender. But Brewer is a better perimeter defender than anyone on San Antonio’s roster. The Spurs are solid enough offensively that using Brewer as a cooler, in limited minutes, shouldn’t disrupt their mojo.

Brewer is 24, long, tough, high energy, and would fill San Antonio’s most glaring roster deficiency—the minutes available behind Richard Jefferson. Or, as some would put it, Richard Jefferson.

And, again, he’s 24. Brewer is not a finished product. He’s improving.

If Corey Brewer joins the Spurs, his spot in their playoff rotation is all but certain. It makes too much sense not to happen.

Remember when the Spurs traded for Nazr Mohammed? At the time, the trade was completely lost in the deadline shuffle. Sacramento had moved Chris Webber to Philadelphia on the same night. But that trade very quietly help push the Spurs to a championship (thanks, Isiah, you’re the best). Despite San Antonio’s record, the chase for this year’s title is essentially a 6 team race. Adding Brewer to the postseason rotation is the sort of personnel move that could give the Spurs separation.

  • Captain Late

    For all of those spurs fans…you are getting throttled by memphis right now…looks like my 15 point loss prediction is coming true. Also, guess what – Dallas won again and is now just five back…you will lose tomorrow at cleveland (ask the lakers, they know it happens…so do the Knicks) and then get crushed by Miami…at that point the mavs will only be 2 games back and you will find out that parkers injury is much, worse than expected….sorry to be a right, but this is your destiny

  • Ghana-Spur

    Captain Late, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands for a team you don’t seem to care for. Or are you a closet Spurs fan?

  • idahospur

    On (before the game today):

    “Take San Antonio’s worst-case of 12-10 and you’ll see the Mavs have to go 17-5; if the Spurs improve much on that 12-10 mark, it quickly becomes impossible for Dallas to catch them even with a win in March. Should San Antonio go 15-7, for instance, it requires Dallas to go 20-2 against a schedule that isn’t chopped liver. And that’s assuming a win on March 18; lose that one, and their hopes are toast.”

    So one loss for the Spurs tonight but still a comfortable cushion. We got Cleveland tomorrow.

  • Spursdynasty

    @the late captain- here’s my prediction, when the spurs win this years tittle I gaurantee it’ll be the last time we hear from you!!!!

  • Nima K.

    Forget Al Thornton. He just signed up with GSW. Let’s just keep our hopes on Brewer. If not him, then Garret Temple or Marcus Cousin.

    Forget Memphis. It’s a b2b. I’d throw in the towel too. At least the bench got some good minutes.

  • Nima K.

    Here’s my prediction for the “captain”:

    If the Spurs don’t make it to the finals, then rest assured the West will lose to the East. LA or OKC don’t have what it takes to beat the Eastern conference elite. Not anymore at least. Only the Spurs have that consistency.

    It’s either the Spurs, or an eastern team.

    Heck, Ill bet Dallas can even beat LA in the playoffs.

  • rob

    Where do captain’s go when their ship is sinking?

    A: Down. (unless their cowards and then proceed to evacuate before women and children)

    You sir are evacuating your own ship and trying to board a vessel of steel that may be damaged through a storm but bounded by a crew of character. Much unlike your own ship Lolipop.

  • wannabe_fake_tough_guy

    Kind of funny/ironic that a mavs homer uses the nickname of the first Spur to have his number retired by the franchise and one of my all-time favorites: James Silas

  • rob

    Some of the latest updates I found regarding Brewer.

  • senorglory

    “San Antonio’s most glaring roster deficiency—the minutes available behind Richard Jefferson. Or, as some would put it, Richard Jefferson.”


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  • Judd
  • spursfanbayarea

    Seems like cuban just signed him to keep him away from us. Not likely to get a lot of minutes for mavs team. But would have been beneficial to our team. Just another free agent spurs missed out on. Shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows them.