Corporate Knowledge: February 13, 2012


Since the beginning of the Gregg Popovich era, the San Antonio Spurs have valued experience and system above all else. They refer to this as “Corporate Knowledge.” At 48 Minutes of Hell we too value experience, information, and insight on all things Spurs and look forward to providing you with links and quick-hitting analysis for your daily dose of Corporate Knowledge.

  • Manu Ginobili is back!
  • Danny Green has been a revelation in Manu Ginobili’s absence. His development into a legitimate rotation player capable of contributing beyond making shots has helped keep the Spurs afloat, and makes the offseason trade of George Hill for Kawhi Leonard look even better—with Green even dabbling a little as a point guard here and there.Now the Ginobili is back, the next step is producing similar results in fewer opportunities. This is no easy task. Of course, Green has proven mentally strong enough for everything the Spurs have thrown at him so far, including being cut. Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News digs a little into Danny Green’s  past and tells how his upbringing on New York’s blacktops have steeled Green for whatever he may encounter on the basketball court.
  • Fred Silva of Pounding the Rock gives a moment-by-moment account of Manu Ginobili’s return against the New Jersey Nets. Among the important things to note:

Spurs 15, Nets 9; 1st 4:10

Shawne Williams drives down the lane and Manu reaches in. Manu gets a piece of the ball and it ricochets off Williams. The officials miss it and award the ball to the Nets. This is insignificant. Manu just reached. This is essentially the same play that happened 22 games ago. Five games into the season he reached and broke his hand. His first game back he reaches without hesitation. He wants to win. He want the steal. He wants to defend. He lives for basketball. Many players would have played cautiously tonight, if they were in his shoes. But Manu is different and that’s why we love him. He plays to win, always. It’s great to have him back.


Spurs 45, Nets 34; 2nd 3;02

Manu recieves the pass from Tim and initiates the fast-break. He drops a no-look dime to DeJuan who connects for the and one. Sean Elliott makes the comment, “You think DeJuan Blair is happy about having Manu Ginobili back?” He’s not the only one, Sean. Manu +7

  • Regarding DeJuan Blair, I remember a conversation with Richard Jefferson last season in which he talked about how a player was able to play much more consistently when he knew exactly where his points and opportunities were coming from every night. For Jefferson, he was a more productive all around player alongside Jason Kidd, knowing where his opportunities were coming from every night. Blair has a similar chemistry with Manu Ginobili. At this point there is no question that Tiago Splitter has moved ahead of Blair in terms of importance to the team. But so much of this condensed season still remains and the Spurs will need Blair to be a consistent contributor.
  • The Spurs unveiled their retro Chapparals jerseys Saturday night. I must admit, seeing them in action, I liked them better than I thought I would. However, they also somehow made Matt Bonner look even whiter and more red-headed as I watched from my TV. Which I did not think was possible.
  • Even Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is caught up in the Linsanity, according to the Express-News’ Mike Monroe.



  • Anonymous

    “But so much of this condensed season still remains and the Spurs will need Blair to be a consistent contributor.”Read more:

    So True. So So True.  Yet a shame.  Ever since Ginobili’s absence Blair has not played as the board gobbling, points making, intelligent (that’s correct) Intelligent player once placing him early in the season in the top 10 most efficient players in the league.The shame of it?  All the other attributes (besides scoring) he managed to decline in was not due to Manu being out.  The things such as boards and playing intelligent should NOT need Ginobili present to remain.The fear I have is if Blair “needs” Ginobili to be productive…Manu would have to start which inserts the chance the chemistry and productivity Parker and Duncan have manifested being reduced.Unless…Blair off the bench along with Ginobili could (would) be applied.

  • nudityjfandango

    I think Blair just like a lot of NBA players gets involved heavily in the game through his offence.  When he is hitting the glass the hardest and playing hustle ball, really working on D it is generally when he is rolling offensively.  

    A lot of guys in this league are like that.  The season is such an incredibly long grind, it must be very easy to not be engaged 100% of the time.

  • nudityjfandango

    Is there anyone else out there who is as worried about the Splitter – Blair minute division and how Manu increasing Dejauns efficiency will effect them as I am?

    Pop has shown in the past that he is absolutely pig headed when it comes to handing out minutes, sometimes in complete aversion to what spurs nation holds as self evident truths.

    I believe in Pop, I think he is brilliant as a coach and talent evaluator, and that he develops players as well as anyone in the league.  I know however after watching mudguts chew through other peoples minutes across his career (i love Bonner as a roleplayer, I don’t like him when he is playing 30 minute stretchs and getting ripped apart on the defensive end), watching the ghost of Michael Finley get starts at SG when he was playing like…the ghost of Michael Finley, and watching Tiago get next to no time all year last year while various iterations of spurs power forwards got monstered that he can be very….one eyed?  Blinded by precedence? Unintentionally favourable toward people he likes a lot?

    I hope Pop doesn’t banish Tiago to the bench and keep him under 20 per game at the expense of Dejaun.  Tiago needs to play some big minutes with Timmy before the playoffs roll round if we want to go long.

    When Gasol/Randolph, Bynum/Gasol, Pekovic/Love, Jefferson/Milsap etc etc are closing out games come playoff time I would really love to see non stop pick and rolls from our twin towers (they are both absolutely outstanding pick and roll guys).  IF it’s Timmy & Bonner again or TImmy & Blair i’m going to be crying in my non take away coffee (because the playoffs are on at like …11 Am in australia and i’ll be watching them at work…).

  • Len

    Pop wants to win, obviously.  And now he has seen tangible evidence of what Splitter brings to the team,.  (Think Memphis series last year)  Even if Blair starts to put up beastly numbers again, I don’t think that Pop would turn a blind eye to the obvious shortcomings in Blair’s game.  

    Remember that after Blair had fallen out of grace with Pop towards the end of last season, it was Dice that got the vast majority of the minutes.  Pop LOVES vets.  Now, If the Spurs had signed a veteran big, that would concern me more that Pop would go with the vet over Tiago.  

  • nudityjfandango

    Yep very good point, the Vet factor was something I hadn’t really taken into account.

  • Manolo Pedralvez

    Seems like the gentlemen of 48MOH have decided to ditch the “El Conclusion” feature for the meantime. Should I say good riddance?

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Sorry, El Conclusión is still around. We just had no one to do it on Saturday night. It should return tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

     Thumbs up!!  Love El Conclusion

  • Deeds130

    I believe Splitter’s minutes will go up come playoff time, and Blair’s decrease. What I’m interested in seeing between now and then is how many minutes Timmy & Tiago share the court together. Tiago has to b/u Timmy in order to minimize the ineffectiveness of Blair & Bonner, but a modest increase in Tiago’s minutes should give T & T a consistent 10mpg together (please). 

    Along those lines, I agree with STIJL’s point (see “Manu’s Impending Return” from last week) that getting the most out of Blair as a scorer should NOT be much of a consideration (just box out, boards, dirty work)… but it seems Pop is either saving or denying Splitter, and still values/over-values B & B, so I’m also interested in what percentage of Blair’s courtime will find him paired with Ginobili.

    In other words:
    ~ 2-Man units: MPG & +/- for Manu & DB, relative to Blair’s overall MPG & +/- (from Feb. 12th on)???
    ~ 2-Man units: MPG, +/- , & defensive efficiency ratings for Tim & Tiago (from, say, midseason on)???

  • Anonymous

     Nice work Deeds.  Agree…a sampling of the 2-man units would be best to evaluate before making a decisive decision.  Speculation is one thing…actual is another.

  • Matthew Sloan

    I second that.

  • manupewpew

    in pop i trust. :)

  • nudityjfandango

    That would be great to have access to that kind of data.

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