Corporate Knowledge: February 8, 2012


Since the beginning of the Gregg Popovich era, the San Antonio Spurs have valued experience and system above all else. They refer to this as “Corporate Knowledge.” At 48 Minutes of Hell we too value experience, information, and insight on all things Spurs and look forward to providing you with links and quick-hitting analysis for your daily dose of Corporate Knowledge.

  • Was Manu Ginobili’s injury a blessing in disguise? That depends on how Ginobili returns from surgery after starting the season on a scorching tear. But it has had some benefits, as Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News points out. He also delivers my favorite line about Danny Green for the season:

“Had Ginobili been healthy, would Gregg Popovich have discovered that Danny Green is the kind of player whose fortitude makes up for marginal physical gifts and a routine skillset?

“Blair has brute strength and a tremendous feel for the game. He runs the court, establishing early position. Blair fundamentally uses angles and positioning to lock up his opponents in the paint, often finishing in the paint over taller opponents. Tremendous pickup for the Spurs.”

There is a joke going around that perhaps the thing should be nicknamed the “Lou-for-one.” The man himself endorsed that nickname, though he did so with a nonchalant shrug befitting of a player who cares not for your time concerns. “It’s just part of how we play,” Williams said. “If there are 30 or 40 seconds left, I pretty much want to shoot.”


  • gospursgo2021

    brand will play. hawes will not.

  • DorieStreet

    Spurs without Manu/ consider it even.

  • Joseph Dooley

    I’m glad to see someone else sees the bench play against the Mavericks as a watershed moment for the team.

  • DorieStreet

    76ers and Pacers 3 & 4 in eastern confence–ahead of Hawks, Magic, and Celtics. PH is 13-3 at Wells Fargo Center. The last time the Spurs won in Philly was the championship season ( January 2007).
    Last 5 games: 76ers beat Magic, Bulls, lost to Heat, beat Hawks in the ATL, beat Lakers.
    Significant win anyway you slice it if the Spurs can pull it off.

  • Anonymous

    You know…if Spurs win this game it’ll be more than likely people attribute it to the Sixer’s being out of sorts.  If the Spurs lose…the same people will think they suck.

    I’m with you Dorie….Significant win if they pull it off.


  • Anonymous

    OK…I’ve read the article regarding Blair being listed as number 12 and quite frankly…it’s a joke.

    There are players not even listed in that article that deserve better allocation than Blair.

  • Matthew Sloan

    My personal philosophy is that Manu is such a bad-a and a team player that he broke his hand on purpose in order to allow the bench to improve by taking his minutes for a while.

  • Tyler

    Yeah, hard to believe anyone would take Blair over Cousins….

  • Spencer Walker