Corporate Knowledge: Gearing Up For Game 1


Paul Flannery, SB Nation: “What’s unique about this Finals is that the same is not true for the other iconic player in this series. No one tries to rank Tim Duncan anymore. There have been some attempts at declaring him the best power forward and whatnot, but that’s semantics. If he wins another championship seven years after his last one it will be a remarkable achievement, but it won’t alter our perception of him in any meaningful way.”

Dan McCarney, MySA: “Popovich wryly notes that Diaw’s new-found assertiveness has come in a contract year. (Diaw will be an unrestricted free agent this summer after collecting $4.7 million this season). But Diaw said it stem less from a desire to get paid than to atone for year’s Finals disappointment, when he wondered if a more forceful offensive approach on his part might have pushed the Spurs over the top against Miami.”

Tom Ziller, SB Nation: “This isn’t a “Built vs. Bought” battle. It’s more like “Built vs. Recruited.” Which is to say that San Antonio has done its share of recruiting. Tim Duncan, the long-time Spurs legend, had to be recruited to take less money in the prime of his career so that San Antonio could build an affordable contender around him. And by “affordable,” I mean a team under the luxury tax threshold.”

Michael De Leon, Project Spurs: “Despite this though, the one factor that no one should overlook is Duncan’s competitiveness. If the Spurs do indeed win the title with a 38-year-old Duncan, what’s to keep him from believing he can’t repeat for the first time at 39.”

Chris Itz, Pounding the Rock: “Don’t doubt you’ve seen this one already, but check out Boris’ hands. He knows it’s coming, lines it up, and knocks it down. This was a big shot and if Boris had missed it I think we all would have held it against him a little bit. Instead, we’ll remember this one forever.”

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