Curtis Jerrells traded to New Orleans Hornets


According to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, the San Antonio Spurs have traded Curtis Jerrells to the New Orleans Hornets for a second round pick. This is a good trade for both teams, and one with a backstory.

The backstory works in a couple different ways.

Dell Demps, current general manager of the Hornets, was an assistant GM with the Spurs last season. One of his responsibilities in San Antonio was oversight of the Austin Toros, the Spurs’ farm team. Curtis Jerrells was one of two Toros projects last season — the other was current Spur Alonzo Gee.  Suffice to say, Dell Demps is familiar with Curtis Jerrells’ game.

As I recently pointed out, Curtis Jerrells has used this preseason to prove that he is an NBA player. The Spurs, unfortunately, are already three deep at point guard, featuring a depth chart of Tony Parker, George Hill, and Garrett Temple. Additionally, because of financial reasons, the Spurs plan to keep no more than a fourteen man roster – the Spurs may only keep thirteen players. Trading Jerrells brings the roster to sixteen, with James Gist and Marcus Cousin playing flotsam to the other’s obvious roster jetsam.

Assuming the inevitable departure of Gist and Cousin, this trade may have brought the Spurs’ roster down to a financially acceptable size. It also gives the Spurs flexibility in the event of a trade or waiver wire acquisition.

Initial reports say the Spurs will get a second round pick for Curtis Jerrells, but details are not known. If this isn’t some sort of bogus conditional draft pick, the Spurs have done well. Otherwise, they have simply dealt their former front office compatriot a solid. There is reason to believe the former, however.

Rumors suggest Curtis Jerrells already had a contract lined up with Partizan Belgrade, in the event he was cut by the Spurs. This, and the possibility that Jerrells may not have come to New Orleans via the waiver wire, may have motivated Dell Demps to move on Jerrells. The Hornets are woefully thin at point guard with combo guards Willie Green and Mustafa Shakur tenuously holding down reserve point duties. Curtis Jerrells is a minor but worthwhile acquisition for the Hornets.

Finally, this is a great deal for Jerrells. Jerrells has spent the last 18 months transforming himself from an undersized shooting guard to an NBA-worthy point guard. As a Hornet, Jerrells ought to receive a decent amount of playing time relative to his status as a developing NBA player. The Spurs simply did not have the available minutes to accommodate his growth.

In short, this trade is a rare win for all involved. The Spurs, Hornets, and Jerrells are all better because of this. And, strangely, this may be the first noteworthy score for the Austin Toros. This, of course, depends on the nature of the second round pick the Spurs acquired in this deal, but the Toros have finally produced something of tangible value for the Spurs. Hooray for Austin.  Good for the Spurs, Hornets and Jerrells.

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  • Hollywood Jones

    I can’t see the Hornets trading a second draft pick for a player about to get cut, especially considering Demps’ history with the Spurs. I’m guessing Pop was trying to help Demps and Jerrells. But who knows? If we get a second round pick, then all the better.

    Concerning who of Gist, Gee, or Cousin makes the team – even though Gist hasn’t done much, I’d still rather keep him on the idea that he could help us the most with defense. It seems like James Anderson has done enough to be the backup 3, which would suggest that Gee doesn’t have a home here. At least Gist has the potential to diversify our lineup considering his size and athleticism and willingness to play defense.

  • grego

    Gee is going to be on the roster, but in Austin. They aren’t going to repeat the same mistake 2 straight years in losing him to another team.

  • Hobson13

    This is a good move for the Spurs. Despite what many on this site believed, Jerrells was NEVER going to backup Tony and Hill. That job belongs and has always belonged to Garrett Temple. I would be interested to know what year is this second round pick. My guess is that Gee, Gist, or Cousin are next on the chopping block. Perhaps we can send them to the Toros for future development.

  • Jim Henderson

    Jerrells is worth a second round pick. I don’t really care what year it’s for. The deal makes sense for both teams. We just don’t have the space for another scoring guard. It’s a good opportunity for Jerrells, as well. So good for him, he’s played well this year. It does give us some financial relief, and some roster flexibility to give a serious look at the waiver wires for a player at a position of more need — a 3, 4, or 5. If we don’t find the right player, I think we’ll go with 13 on the roster to start the year. I see Gist, Cousin, & Gee either cut or spending most of the year in Austin.

  • Jim Henderson
  • td4life

    Glad to see we can occasionally get something back for some of these guys, would be nice to see more of that from time to time, as we seem to let so many guys go for nothing that seem to really help other squads.

    Still headed for a no-suprises 13…
    TD, DB, RJ, MG, TP
    GH, Neal, JA, McD, Splitter
    Bonner, Temple, Simmons
    I can’t help but hope to see a bigger trade, but this is likely gonna be the group.

  • rob

    Good for Jerrells. Good for the Hornets because I believe Jerrells will get some meaningful (deserving) burn for the Hornets and give him his perhaps one time shot at being an nba player. In other words…if Jerrells doesn’t make it as a solid backup this year…his nba career might be over.

    But it will be a good system IMO for him to play in. And CP3 will be a great mentor for him to learn from.

    As for the Spurs…ony the future will tell how they end up on this deal.

  • Tyler

    Agreed. Good deal for all. Any draft pick for Jerrels is good for the Spurs, but I’m also glad CJ gets a chance to showcase his talent. Hope he plays well enough to demand minutes.

  • GitErDun

    I hope he plays well against everyone but the Spurs. Against us he needs to stink up the place.

  • eric

    big time hornets fan reading about jarrells. you guys have a way cooler site lol

  • rcast1986

    The trade was for a conditional second round pick.

  • Nadeem

    They better trade paul to san antonio to return the favor :).

  • Timothy Varner

    Sounds like it was a favor to Demps and Jerrells. The Spurs do an outstanding job helping Toros projects. Whether they’re just decent like that or they see value in adding value to playing for the Toros or both, I don’t know. But they take care of their peeps.

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  • Nadeem


    Any idea as to what the “condition” is to get the 2nd Rd pick?

  • J2

    Also, prospects considering the Toros need to believe they will be dealt with fairly. Jerrells showed he is worthy of a roster slot on some NBA team and the Spurs made sure he had that opportunity. The second round pick means the Spurs get a future prospect they don’t have to pay right now. The Hornets don’t have to take the chance that another team picks up Jerrells off waiver before they get their chance at him.

  • dingo

    Looks like Jerrells has been waived from Hornets..ESPN says then they are no longer under obligation for 2nd round pick? Is that right?