Danny Ferry leaving Spurs to become Hawks GM


In what is a yearly ritual around these parts, opposing franchises have begun picking away at the Spurs front office. Assistant GM Dennis Lindsey and VP of Basketball Ops Danny Ferry have been linked with a number of open front office gigs so far this offseason, and now the first shoe has dropped.

Ferry, who headed up front office moves for the D-League Champion Austin Toros in additional to his role with the Spurs, has left the Spurs to become the new General Manager and President of Basketball Ops of the Atlanta Hawks.

I don’t think it’s out of line to say that Ferry is viewed by the mainstream in a negative light after his high-profile stint trying to put together a team around LeBron James in Cleveland. Since coming to the Spurs, though, he’s been a major force in taking the Toros to a championship-winning team while still functioning as a feeder team when the Spurs need to fill a temporary hole.

For Ferry, this is a great move. He gets a big raise (I assume) and control of his own franchise again. For the Spurs, I don’t think this hurts them too much. RC Buford is still there, Dennis Lindsey is still there (for now) and Gregg Popovich is still there. Much like the Spurs have a system for the players, they seem to have a similar one for the executives. From the floor to the front office, the Spurs simply fill holes and keep winning 50 games a year.

  • ATLMike

    Thank you for Ferry as GM of the Hawks. Lebron had his own issues in Cleveland and wasn’t the mature player he became this season. I will gladly take a Spurs protege over anyone else currently in the league. As a Spurs fan here in ATL, I’m hoping Ferry can work his magic to send Josh Smith to the Spurs for some of those guys like Splitter, Danny Green. I think Smith is the athletic 3/4 that can defend players like Durant and also be an intimidating weak side shot blocker and rebounder. If there is anyone who can get the most out of Josh Smith’s incredible amount of talent its Pop.

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