Reports: Spurs and Danny Green agree to three-year, $12 million deal


And I thought Monday night was going to be a slow news night for the Spurs. After we had the relative “meh” of hearing Lorbek will be re-upping with Barcelona, big news hits courtesy of Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports: the Spurs and Danny Green have agreed to a three-year, $12 million deal, all of it guaranteed.

Upon first look, this deal seems fair for both sides. Green got himself a significant raise, and a deserved one at that. In his first real season in the NBA, one where he went from borderline D-Leaguer to bonafide NBA rotation player, Green started 38 of 66 games and shot almost 44% from 3-point range. He gave the starting unit a solid defensive player to put on both shooting and point guards, while helping the offense by simply knocking down open shots. He’ll never been confused with a star, and he got a deal that reflects that. Seriously, how did Landry Fields get $20 million over three years?

For the Spurs, they brought back a key cog from last year’s team that tied for the best record in the NBA at a modest price. One of the dirty little secrets in the NBA is that role players are vastly overpaid based on their production and value to a franchise, but the Spurs are one of the best at avoiding such inflated contracts. If Green put up similar numbers for a different team last year (*cough* the Knicks *cough*), it’s not unreal for him to have gotten a larger contract. The Knicks gave Steve Novak, the same guy the Spurs waived in training camp, $15 million over four years earlier today for doing essentially the same thing as Green on offense (perimeter shooting) while adding none of the defensive qualities.

There is some concern about the contract being fully guaranteed after his no-show in the Western Conference Finals and the possibility that he could be a one year wonder. Wouldn’t the Spurs want to have the last year only partially guaranteed in case Green flops once he gets paid? I don’t know, but I think Green can still improve. He’s obviously worked hard to the point where he is right now, it’s not likely that work ethic is going to go away, especially within the culture of the Spurs organization. If all else fails, it’s at least a tradable contract.

Coming into the free agency process, I feel like Danny Green had his head on straight. He’s a very likable guy, easily one of the friendliest players on the team. The Spurs don’t bring in guys who aren’t good in the locker room, and Green might be one of the best. When asked about his free agency earlier in the summer, Green told the Express-News, “For me, it’s a balance of the money, the team, the fit.” That tells me that he’s very honest about his ability, and he doesn’t have people around him gassing him up. He knows a huge reason why he was in such a good position in free agency was because the Spurs system maximizes his abilities. It’s all about finding the right situation for young players, and Green definitely found his.


    Danny Green could easily be another “who’s this Bruce Bowen guy” the team got or “what happened to that Antonio Daniels” player the team had such high hopes for.

    Time will tell. Good contract for him considering qualifying was a mil. less.

  • James

    Danny and Kawhi on the wing together for the next 3 years is going to be great. Both will only improve and when they are playing well, reek absolute havoc on the defensive end of the court. Great Job RC and Pop, this was a fantastic move.

  • DorieStreet

    Honestly, I don’t pretend to know that Green’s 2011-12 season made him a coveted acquistion for the serious (and those not so) league contenders to scoop him up for 2012-13. But from where he was a year ago to now, we know three things: (1) the Spurs believed in Danny enough to issue him an ultimate challenge—play overseas to improve, then come back and work to EARN your spot back on the squad (2)-and he delivered (until the WCF–but he was one of many on the team that did not come through); (3) PATFO have bought in that he will elevate his game to help this team achieve the ultimate prize real soon.

  • grego

    This is as good as it gets. Aside from Arron Afflalo who’s paid more, Green is one of the best young 2 guard wings out there who plays on both sides of the ball.

  • spursfan0430

    is that danny on the cover of

  • Ray Briggs II

    Love this deal for both sides. Danny gets a fair deal based on this year’s production and gets to stay in a system that shows his talents well. The Spurs get a solid starter for only 4 mill a season. After seeing some of the other deals given this summer to some mediocre talent you have to like this move.

  • jechalker74

    I like this deal… it shows two things to me.
    1. How smart the Spurs are in negotiations (value player at a reasonable price while putting it together with a decent timeframe for both parties and overall a relatively low risk contract).
    2. Green is just a true player, willing to leave some money on the table in order to get a decent timeframe and opportunity to have a couple of cracks with a quality team.

  • jechalker74

    I agree Ray…
    So many teams complain about the CBA affecting the way teams are built and the power is given to the players. Then we see teams spend rediculous amounts of money to get players that are nothing special.
    The Spurs make it a simple process and keep things in line. I love it!

  • Eric Westerman

    Initially, I was confident that Green would resign. But as we got deeper into it, I started to get scared that he would get a Wesley Matthews type contract. While Matthews may be a little better defender, Spurs are getting that kind of production for half the yearly rate.

  • DorieStreet

    Took a look at it— that’s Green.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Congratulations Danny! Hope the next playoff series is better for you. So now how much of that did it cut into signing the big we are desperately waiting for to help Timmy and Splitter?

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Well, the Spurs owned Danny’s Bird Rights, so it didn’t cut into the MLE if that’s what you mean.

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  • Keith

    Well…that worked out