Danny Green is… Icy Hot


This season, one of my favorite things that I’ve done is started calling Danny Green “Icy Hot.” The Spurs’ 3-point shooter goes through stretches where he’ll struggle to hit the broad side of a barn, going 0-for-5 one night and 1-for-6 the next, then immediately turn it on and be the guy opposing defenses can’t leave alone.

Considering his offense is generally limited to perimeter shooting, these drastic swings in his performance have made him both a fun and frustrating player to watch. Spurs fans’ hope is that his peaks and valleys even out some as the season unfolds so that there’s not a reoccurrence of last year’s playoffs, where Green was lights out through the first two rounds of the postseason and then a ghost in the Western Conference Finals.

  • Jonathon

    I’m pretty sure the first sentence is not grammatically correct. One thing is certain: the wording is painfully awkward.

  • sleepless

    That is funny! You read my mind!

  • sleepless

    How would you have said it?

  • Matt C.

    Lots of ways. There is definitely an erroneous “my.”

    “This season, one of the favorite things I have done is nickname Danny Green “Icy Hot.”

    “One of the favorite things I have done this season is nicknaming Danny Green “Icy Hot.”

  • Titletown99030507d

    Your probably not married because when my wife tells me something and says it “erroneous” to me I come back with a “you said that wrong”. Then she says kiss my ass you know what I meant!
    So I gotten used to not to be critical when people speak to me. I ain’ts perfect either so maybe you should just take it for what it’s worth. I sure you can figure that out.

  • Jonathon

    There are plenty of (better) ways to phrase it. I
    probably would have gone with this: So far, one of my proudest accomplishments this season is nicknaming Danny Green “Icy Hot.”

  • Jonathon

    I agree that it is generally impolite to correct people’s grammar in everyday conversation. An (aspiring) journalist’s published writing is a different story.

  • Jonathon

    Oh, and bait not taken.

  • rj

    maybe he should start attacking the rim when he gets cold.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=173600134 Ryan McShane

    While we’re on the topic of nicknames, don’t forget that Aron Baynes is known as “Benzi” to his Aussie teammates. Or maybe it’s “Baynesie.” I like the former more.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=173600134 Ryan McShane

    And Benzi is back y’all!

  • Titletown99030507d

    Dont worry youll hook one someday.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Still served my purpose. I was informed and entertained thats all that matters to me. Im not here to proof read a sports blog. Im here to participate for the reason its written.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Do you want a job with them? Youll probably have to work for free and like it.

  • sleepless

    It should go without saying that Andrew is one of the best writers in the NBA blogosphere. We’re always entertained by his upbeat and fun writing. Where I would have just called Green a streaky shooter, Andrew names him Icy Hot and makes a video too. By the way, the video about Duncan’s outlet passes was posted on NBA.com with borrowed quotes of Andrew.

  • http://twitter.com/SpursBorg SpursBorg
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677881337 Nathan Verney

    It’s definitely Baynesy or Baynesie – that’s a typical Australian way of altering a name, second to the shortening and addition of “o”, which would give something like Bayno (David = Davo, Brett = Bretto etc)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=173600134 Ryan McShane

    That sounds very reasonable. But if you watch the video above (skip to half way through), TP definitely says “Benzi” like “Benji” the dog. Then again, he is French… so how much should we rely on him for correct Australian nickname pronunciation?

  • DorieStreet

    Funny. Good job, McNeill.

  • merkin

    Your nickname for Green is smart/dumb and clever/insipid

  • Leben

    Don’t think for a second, whether directly or indirectly, Danny doesn’t know there’s a none-too-flattering nickname circulating the blogosphere. This can have one of two consequences, depending on the strength of Danny’s psyche: he can work harder and become more consistent thereby robbing the moniker of its power, or it can follow him like a bad odor, crushing him under the weight of its stink.

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  • Shg2k

    @facebook-173600134:disqus I like the “Bayne-Train” but thats just my opinion

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  • William J. Clark

    Of the things that I have done this year, the one of them that was the one that I felt was my most favorite of the things that I have done this year is when I started calling Danny Green by the nickname of IcyHot.

  • cecilthesheep

    nah man, THIS year it’s definitely been IcyCold.