Danny Green officially re-signs with Spurs


In more unsurprising news on Wednesday, Danny Green has officially re-signed with the Spurs. Like the Duncan deal, the club didn’t publicly release the terms of the contract, but it’s rumored to be about $12 million guaranteed over three seasons.

Here’s a statement from Gregg Popovich per the Spurs’ official press release:

“We are thrilled to have Danny returning to San Antonio,” Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said.  “It was a pleasure watching Danny grow and develop this past season. We think he will only continue to mature and get better, and we’re happy that this will be happening with the San Antonio Spurs.”

I’m curious to see how Green develops over the life of this contract. On one hand, I can see that he has possibly maxed out his offensive potential and will be limited to a spot-up 3-point shooter. On the other, I can see him establishing a mid-range game that will make him that much more dangerous of a player. And I don’t think it’s outlandish to think he could work on a back-to-the-basket game, though he may only be able to take advantage of it against smaller two guards.

Either way, I’m getting ahead of myself. Green fits the Spurs well and, most importantly, he likes being a Spur. He is effective within the current offense and works hard on defense. Congratulations to Danny on some financial and professional security.