DeJuan Blair out against Warriors


According to the team, DeJuan Blair will not play for the Spurs on Monday night against the Golden State Warriors. Blair’s sprained left wrist is not totally healed and the team doesn’t want to take any risk that it will get “whacked” and worsen, according to Coach Pop.

Blair injured his wrist in the first half on Saturday night against the Bobcats. I don’t know personally, as I haven’t seen any basketball in the last two weeks, but this is what the other media types tell me.

  • DorieStreet

    First Blair, now Duncan; time for others to step in & step up.

  • Titletown99030507d


    Well Tiago stepped up his game. But I don’t understand why after the 1st quarter they just abandoned Tiago’s roll to the rim. Seems like they forgot what they were doing so well and now all you see is Manu, and everybody else throwing up bricks from deep out, as well as Tony trying to force the issue by himself in the lane. Midway to the third and I’m seeing Jefferson being the focus as to the one going to the rim. Hey team why did you stop feeding the 7 footer? GHEEEZ!

  • Dingo

    First game he’s missed in the last four years? That includes both seasonsin Pitt.

    Not bad for someone with no ACL’s!

    Hope he is back next game.

  • senorglory

    haven’t seen no bball in 2 weeks? if you’re being held hostage, blink twice. will send help.