Denver Nuggets 92, San Antonio Spurs 111



Thursday night’s contest between the Spurs and Nuggets, the last game on the NBA’s slate before All-Star Weekend, had the feeling of a Friday afternoon class leading into Christmas vacation.

The Nuggets simply wanted the time to fly by so they could get started on celebrating the occasion. The fourth quarter dragged on like the last 15 minutes of that class, with the Nuggets left wondering if the teacher was going to let everyone out early.

And the Spurs were the annoying kid who kept asking questions.

After a competitive first quarter, San Antonio’s reserves clamped down on the defensive end in the second. The Nuggets managed just 16 points in the second quarter and went into halftime down nine to the Spurs, 54-45.

Denver made a small run early in the third quarter, but the Spurs withstood it and countered with a streak of their own to push the lead into double-digits. From there, the Spurs battled to an enthusiastic 111-92 win heading into the All-Star break.

Without Tony Parker, who was missing with an injured hip and suspiciously not on the bench during the game, George Hill lead the Spurs with 17 points, six rebounds, four assists and two steals. Conversely, he also managed to commit five turnovers.

A total of seven players scored in double figures for the Spurs, but the key to the game was three-point shooting. San Antonio shot 9-19 (47.4%) from three and held Denver to 3-19 (15.8%) from beyond the arc.

It was a quality win against a playoff-bound team, something tough to come by this year, but the game lacked a sense of urgency. Spurs fans should enjoy the night, but not take too much stock in the result. This team still has a ways to go.

  • Colin

    A win is a win is a win…………but the Nuggets have been notorious for packing it in when they aren’t interested, so I agree that too much stock can’t be taken from this one.

    Sidebar: the Spurs only have 3 more losses than the Nuggets. With the way that the Spurs have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory this season in 5-7 games I can think of, it makes you wonder where they would be if they could execute 4th quarters. There is plenty of basketball to be played. Curious to see how they come out after the all-star break.

    Fucking get after it boys!!

  • Wes

    I can’t call it a quality win when the Nugs were so far in left field for the majority of the game, they never had 5 players on the court at the same time who were interested in going all out for more than a play here or there. I’ll take the win for sure, but I can’t call it a quality win.

  • Ian

    If TP cannot be effective penetrating to the basket, Spurs should consider giving his minutes to RMJ so they can at least have a legitimate 3-pt shooter in the game. I’m not implying they should trade TP, but rather give him some time off the court so he can properly heal that foot of his before the playoffs. It’s disturbing, but it seems that the Spurs are doing much better defensively and offensively when TP is not playing these days, and I hope Pop sees that an injured Parker is a liability to the team right now.

  • cubano

    Nice win, nice effort offensively and defensively. However, Nuggets missed a few jumpers they would normally make. They packed for the break before the game started and played accordingly. Overall, chemistry seem better. Chemistry comes from playing the same line ups throughout the season. This year Pop has had far too many different line ups to establish the chemistry desired. Let’s hope the line ups are set after the break and hopefully the chemistry develops. Spurs still need another big !

  • junierizzle

    How strange that the Spurs shoot better when you have RMJ and Bonner in there. THey set the tone hitting some early threes. Even Manu hit a couple.
    See what happens when you actually hit shots. It’s not rocket science.
    @COLIN. Yes a win is a win. I don’t care if the Nuggs had a bad game. The Spurs have had their share of bad games. It’s about time it goes the Spurs way. Enjoy the win. If they blew this one everyone would be saying trade Duncan.

    I don’t see them making a trade. If they do, I don’t think it will be any of the big three. If they do make a trade, then I hope they get a shooter.

  • Phife

    I’d like a trade to happen, personally. No one wants Richardson (who would with another year on that fat contract and his play this season). Mason, Fin, Bonner: they are our best shooters and, also, our best trade pieces. I’m not gonna discuss hypothetical trades, that’s R.C.’s job to crunch the numbers, but our best case scenario without a trade is if Pop motivates the team like he did in 06-07. I remember multiple players (Brent Barry mostly though) were closed to being dealt, but a trade never materialized and team chemistry went through the roof all the way to the last O’Brien trophy…I can dream haha

  • bigtee34

    It would never happen but I was playin with the trade machine and traded parker and bonner for andrea bargnani and jose calderon. I don’t think i would mind that trade.

  • David

    I agree a win is a win. This was a quality win for the Spurs against a playoff team. The Spurs should be able to build on this game, a get a win streak started after the allstar break. Of course this will only happen if they have everyone healthy.

  • SpurredOn

    What to make of the Western Conference? Spurs win in Denver without TP. After Denver won at SA without Melo (and in LA). The Lakers lost in Utah with Kobe but won there without him. Portland has held strong without Roy, same for NOLA without Paul. Spurs beat Dallas without TP and TD but lost twice while healthy. Is it fair to say that, at least for now, things are still very up in the air?

    One hope for the Spurs is that the playoffs are still two months away. Regular season records won’t matter come April, in a conference this tightly compacted. It will be about who’s playing their best and who’s healthiest and most cohesive going into Tax Day. There’s still plenty of time for this group to become a team, trade or none.

  • mori1040

    Also Kenyon Martin’s absence probably helped us get the win. He’s played particularly well against the Spurs the past couple of seasons. Nene just doesn’t have the shot-blocking ability…

    Anybody else find it strange that Parker came down with a last second injury and more importantly, wasn’t on the bench? I doubt there are any trade implications from this, but with this year’s team, who knows?

  • Sauce

    biggtee34, I like that trade but more so for calderon although bargnani is turning to be a very interesting, pretty good player. calderon would give us a pass first point guard who knows his role, can shoot the 3 and plays with experience. too bad raptors are not going to trade their no. 1 overall pick in bargnani, especially for just parker.

    as i have been saying for awhile now, RMJ needs to get more minutes and more importantly CONSISTENT minutes.

    it seems the line by jefferson: 14 points on 5-9 shooting, 4 rebounds and 4 assists are going to be the most we can get out of jefferson. i don’t see him shooting more efficiently or rebounding the ball much. haunting when you realize we are paying him 14 mill when roger mason can do that with energy for a fraction

  • NZ S

    “it seems the line by jefferson: 14 points on 5-9 shooting, 4 rebounds and 4 assists are going to be the most we can get out of jefferson. i don’t see him shooting more efficiently or rebounding the ball much. haunting when you realize we are paying him 14 mill when roger mason can do that with energy for a fraction”

    You didn’t watch the game, so don’t comment.

  • Ivander

    Wow we actually won! I was really pleased to see RMJ starting again, and baam, he delivered! This win is important for the Spurs’ moral, even if Denver was missing Martin who killed us last game.
    Is it possible that without TP the ball is moving better??
    Blair was huge (not only as a presence);kept abusing the Birdman under the rim. Funny how JR Smith was posing after his dunk that cut it down to 13 at the end of the 3rd, he acted like he tied the game or something. Sorry, I just so dislike that guy and I was quite sure before the game that we were going to get beaten pretty badly.
    Go Spurs Go!!! Thanks for not ruining my day!

  • Jim Henderson

    I hate to pull the trigger on Manu, but this deal among expiring contracts could give the Spurs a better chance going up against L.A.’s front line:

  • Jon

    Quality win! Hopefully this will be something the spurs can build on. I would like to address the Tony Parker issue. First let me just get my opinion out there and then ill give my reasons to back it up. I hate myself for saying this!!!!With the way TP is currently playing the spurs are better without him and should explore trade opportunities.
    Team Offense- tony parker is a great scorer but not even close to a good point guard. Ball and player movement are at minimum when he is in the game. He needs the ball too much to be effective.

    Intelligence- tony does not seem to understand the game within the game. Basically he does not understand situational basketball. How many times when the spurs need to calm down, get under control and get a quality shot does parker let his team down. He doesn’t seem to realize when duncan hasn’t been fed in the low post for three or four straight possessions and by not getting his ring factory the ball he has just wasted another precious opportunity for duncan to make his stamp on the game and keep the offense balanced.

    Defense!!!- Parker has always been a subpar defender and always will be. In fact as the years progress parker will soon become everyone’s Craig Ehlo.

    George Hill- Hill is coming into his own and will eventually be a better all around player then Parker. Notice I didn’t say scorer but all around player. Hill’s is already a better defender and will only get better as he is understanding Pop’s system more and more. Hill is able to penetrate and finish at about 75% of Parker’s level. Hill is a better shooter and has more range. The added range at the point guard spot helps to keep the offense spaced properly. This opens up more driving lanes for Manu and Hill and cutting lanes for everyone else especially Jefferson.

    Ginobili!!!- Alright get ready for this next statement. Ginobili is the spurs best point guard!! If the spurs make a trade duties at point guard should be split between Hill and Ginobili. Manu creates better than any other spurs guard and is always willing to make the pass. With Hill and Ginobili splitting PG duties the spurs lineups will have the capability to become bigger and more defensive oriented. If my memory is right there is a certain someone who values defense over all else.

    The future-Championship teams aren’t built around point guards(especially point guards who have the mind of a shooting guard).Yes I know Magic and Isaiah are exceptions. After Duncan retires who will be the new foundation. The spurs were lucky to get David and Tim this time we can’t count on luck. The spurs need to package tony and some expiring contracts to ensure San Antonio remains the beacon of light for the NBA and the rest of this sports world gone drugged up, beat your wife, cheat on your wife, bet on your dog, it’s all about me, I took a bigger sh*t on the Knicks, watch out for the mamba, let’s crown him king CRAZY!!!!!.

    Keep up the great blog!!! Let me know what you think

  • Gary

    I’m with Colin on this one : if that team could execute better we would definitely be the top. When they want a game, they get it…

    also like I said, Manu + Blair = awesomeness… can’t get enough of these pick and rolls..

    RJ is the worst player on this team… so much bad defensive.. he can shot block in the lane but that’s it..

  • Martin

    @Jim Henderson. Dude, I could accept the idea of trading manu, but for Haywood and Foye?? are you kidding?? Do you think that is the kind of talent that Spurs would look for in exchange of their do-it-all guy?

    The only reason they would trade Manu would be to get a future talent to build around, like Amare, or Rudy Fernandez + Batum or something in that fashion…

  • Chris

    Good win tonight but like I said earlier we still need to make a trade and it probably needs to include Manu. Manu seems prepared to leave this summer so let’s try to at least get some talent back for him.

  • vegatrondon

    If you trade Manu, its going to kill this team. As Jon said before, he is this teams best PG and is the only guy on this team that jumps all over these young guys when they mess up. Manu’s stats are down, but he brings so much more than numbers to this team.

    Hill is not there yet. He turns the ball over too much. I hate to keep beating the same drum, but I think this team is better without TP. I know RJ has been bad this year, but the games he has been good is when TP is not there. I really hate when TP and RJ are on the line up together. If the Spurs can make a trade and get a solid PG and PF/C they should try to put a package together and send TP on his way.

    Im not sure who they can trade with, but if they do I hope its someone in the East not any teams in the west. If they get rid of TP then they can resign Manu for a couple more years. IMO he is more important to this team than TP.

  • NL

    I thought our defensive rotations looked decent tonight; of course, it helped that they also missed some wide open shots. But against a team that averages 108 points a game and to hold them to 92 (could’ve been in the 80s had it not been such a blowout) is a good sign.

    I’ve never rooted harder for a player to succeed than Jefferson. I’m really hoping he turns the corner and this team molds.

  • DieHardSpur

    This is what happens when you execute your offense and play defense for 48 minutes!

    It was nice to see RJ have a better game. Everyone was finally knocking down shots. I particularly liked our perimiter defense. Manu really brings some hellacious defensive tenacity!

    On another note: WTF did the refs have against Ian Mahinmi last night? I backed up the dvr and played in slow-motion, and the only call that they got right was him stepping out of bounds. He did show some really nice post moves out off the block, and I really liked his explosiveness. I think he should get 10-12 minutes a game. I also think we should try to play Blair at the 3 on occasion to see what he has outside the paint.

  • bigtee34

    I was impressed with RJ’s D on melo and the way he got physical with him and even posted him up. gary did u watch the game.

  • dtree4

    First time on the site but read it regularly. I am a true Spurs fan. I tend to fell the same as Jon, the best trade asset for the team is Parker. You have to have ball movement and when TP is in the game for the most part he tries to dominate the offense. Every possesion of the ball seems to be about him getting to the basket or pulling up for a mid range jumper. Too many times do you see the other players move to their spots and get open and be ignored as Parker decides to drive. A point guard tandem of Ginobli, Hill & Mason could work. Yes, Manu is the best PG on the team; he always looks to get everyone else involved. I like Parker but I feel when his contract is up he will look to move to a larger market team such as the Lakers. The Spurs will never get fair market value for a player like Ginobli period. He is a joy to watch and I cannot think of another player that plays the way he does. How do you replace that on a team? Yes, he is getting older but he is adapting his game. Basketball is not always about scoring. There is more to the game than that.

  • Austin

    I’m sorry, I know Tony is in a bit of a slump, but he has been there and contributed in 3 Championships. And let’s not forget who won the Finals MVP last time in 07. I think everyone is being a little to trigger happy to trade one of our best players. We need to remember he has been playing injured this entire season…

  • VP of Common Sense

    @ ALL,

    A win is better than a loss.

  • Blofeld

    Can anyone answer this question: Why does Bonner get minutes while Ratliff continues to sit? Bonner and Blair together just don’t work! With Blair and Ratliff, Blair could focus on offense while Ratliff would protect the defense by blocking shots and rebounding. Does anyone know what dirt Bonner has on Pop that he keeps getting playing time? ANYONE?!

  • lvmainman

    Good win, but it is disturbing how the Spurs seemed to play more cohesively for the entire game without Tony Parker.

    Still not a fan of the Bonner/Blair combo at the same time, but since the Nuggets had to play small w/out Martin it worked.

    Agree that Jefferson should get more post-up opportunities.

  • JT

    This has nothing to do with TP, it has to do with the fact that the Spurs know they have been playing without any hustle. They finally played that way, this would have have happened with or without TP.

    I do agree however that without TP, it allows RMJ, Hill and Manu to share PG duties and it gives the opposite team a variation that is hard to predict.

    BTW, Ian did travel at the end of the game, the offensive foul call was crap.

  • doggydogworld

    Two reasons Matt gets more minutes than Theo. First, Theo hasn’t played a full season in several years due to age-related injuries. Pop figures if he only has him for 40 games better make sure 35 of those are in April and later. Second, when Matt is in the Spurs usually score more than their opponents and when Theo is in the opposite happens.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    What’s with the hating on Parker?

    Did no one see last season (when he was actually fit)? No one notice how he was torching defenses, despite having no Manu and an injured TD (for the second half of the season)?

    Its bullshit to judge him when he’s playing injured… No one did it to Timmy last season.

    Parker is an absolute stud in this league. People are right, he’s not LeBron-, Shaq-, Duncan-, Paul- etc. great. But he’s still damn good. Barring CP3 there’s no point guard who’s clearly better then him. A fit Parker will be the best offensive weapon we have against Lakers (if this team gets that far).

  • idahospur

    It’s hard for a team to predict how the other team will play with a star player on the bench. The Spurs benched Duncan, Parker, and Manu against Denver last year and the Spurs almost won. I have faith in Pop to know how to take a playoff team to 7 games, but top 4 in the West at least. This team can’t make it to the finals with so many road games.

  • Hobson13

    Last night was a good win but make no mistake about it, the Spurs need to make a trade if they are to seriously challenge the Lakers. For the past month, I’ve been unable to decide if we should trade Manu who is older and is an expiring contract or Tony who just doesn’t seem to fit with the team anymore. Last night I made up my mind (I think).

    Last night the ENTIRE team put a beatdown on those Nuggs. We had 7 players in double figures and 6 players scored between 14-17 points. That is unbelieveable scoring balance! Hell, even RJ got involved. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Tony hit the bench and the Spurs hit their shots and everyone got involved. When the ball goes in Tonys hands, it doesn’t usually come out unless he’s trapped and it rarely comes out to set other people up for easy shots.

    There are several trades I would like to see, but the one that is most realistic would be a Parker for Igoudala swap. Both sides would see huge benefit and Iggy wouldn’t be given away for an expiring contract. For the Spurs fans who want an elite wing defender you get it. For the Spurs fans who want us to get younger/build for the future you get that also. For those who want to see Manu stay in a Spurs uniform, check to that. I don’t see any reason why a pg combo of Hill and Manu won’t work at least for the short term. If Hill can produce 60% of Parkers numbers, Iggy can make up the other 40% in multiples. Something to think on…

  • Mr. International

    I agree with Mr. Anonymous. This is the same TP that was the NBA Finals MVP the last time SA won it all. And he’s not even close to 30 y/o yet. Now he’s playing on a bad wheel or two and folks are throwing around trade talk. Slow your roll, folks.

  • junierizzle

    Why does everyone want to trade MANU??

    I know his numbers aren’t the same but his finger prints are still all over every game. He’s coming around. He’s averaging almost 20 points the last 5 games.
    I really don’t see who they could bring in to replace him. It seems people just want a trade to make a trade.
    They don’t need a trade. They just need to execute and hit open shots.
    Manu’s gonna be there when it counts.

  • DieHardSpur

    I love Parker, but with the chance of losing Manu, I would trade Parker for Iggy…

  • ThatBigGuy

    1. No one was complaining about Tony when he was shredding defenses and overcoming Tim and Manu’s injuries last year.

    2. Igoudala has a murderous contract. After this year, he’s got 4 more years worth at least $53 million. His PER is the exact same as Tony’s….but Tony is injured!

    3. The real reason we are under performing is the combination of Tony’s injury, Manu’s regression, and RJ’s complete loss of basketball skill. What is the only fixable part of that combination? Tony resting and healing this summer.

    Good win. We can build on this.

  • Jim Henderson

    Can we stick to being rational & analytical here? Please take a moment to revisit the trade proposal from my previous post.

    As I said, I hate to pull the trigger on Manu, I love the guy’s game. But let’s deal with some very important facts:

    (1) We ain’t going nowhere with our current small, short, and/or aging frontline. You saw how the Lakers destroyed us recently without the Bryant threat, and without Bynum. And we beat Denver while they had their bags packed, and without their best interior defender.
    (2) We need size, height, rebounding, shot blocking, and an additional scoring presence in the post, and we need to continue to balance the team with a bit more youth on the roster.
    (3) EXPIRING CONTRACTS is the name of the game as we approach this years trading deadline. A lot of teams like the Wizard’s are desperately trying to free up some cap space to make a run at some fee agents this summer.
    (4) This what we get from the trade proposal at the link above: SIZE – Haywood is 7′, 263 pds.; SCORING IN THE PAINT, REBOUNDING, INTERIOR DEFENSE & REBOUNDING – Haywood is averaging a double-double in rebounding & points, and blocks 2.1 shots a game; YOUTH – Haywood is 30 yrs. old, Foye is 26 yrs. old.
    (5) Sure we would miss Ginobli – he’s a fun player! But consider the following: Ginobli is 6 years older than Foye – that’s a BIG difference – and compare their career stats; pts., assists, rebounds, 3 pt. %: Foye – 12.4, 3.5, 2.7, 37% – Ginobli – 14.6, 3.7, 4.0, 37%. Nobody’s saying that Ginobli’s not a better player, but Foye is NO slouch, and has more upside at this point in his career.
    (6) Overall assessment/comments: Remember, Foye is a hybrid point/two-spot, like Hill, only taller. Thus, Foye, Hill, & Parker because of their solid mix of ball-handling, scoring, & passing, would form a very solid 3-guard rotation, with Mace giving us some more 3-point punch. Our frontline would now consist of Duncan, Haywood, Jefferson, McDyess, Blair, & Bonner, giving us a much better balance of inside/outside scoring, defense, and rebounding. Both new additions would make us younger, in a good way!
    (7) Finally, I agree with some of the previous comments defending Parker. He’s not perfect, but when healthy he is unequivocally one of the better all-around point guards in the league, and we’ve won 3 titles with his style of play. Also, his trade value is not strong right now because of his recent injury issues, and plus he has a 15 mil. not expiring contract. Also, while I appreciate Manu’s creativity and passing ability at the two-spot, I don’t agree with those that see Ginobli as a quasi point guard. His tendency to go for the “difficult” pass, while entertaining, is too turnover-prone to be relied upon for point duties on any kind of a consistent basis.

    Sorry to say, but trading Manu is probably our best hope of challenging for a title this year, and in the coming few years. Haywood is the key; we simply MUST have a guy like him to assist an aging Duncan & McDyess in the front court. Otherwise, believe me, we’re toast!

    P.S. I’m afraid we’re stuck with Jefferson. But look on the bright side: There’s a very good chance he will improve some in the coming weeks & months!

  • Marcos

    TP is just injured. The solution is to seat him for 3-4 weeks and hold the fort.
    Manu has not regressed at all, he is contributing in different ways, scoring a little less.
    And the real issue is that the front office missfired baddly with RJ, it hasn-t worked out and he is untradable.

  • rj

    good win. the most positive thing i heard was from asst. coach don newman on that they were communicating on the floor better than they had all season. maybe this could be the beginning of some truly cohesive play.

    alas, our best is still not good enough to challenge l.a. essentially, we will be left with 3 bigs (2 ,considering ratliff doesn’t play) because blair and bonner are innefective against the height of bynum, odom, and gasol. i like hollinger’s (espn) idea that the spurs should trade bonner, finley, and mason for tyrus thomas and john salmons. tyrus already shows good low-post defensive prowess and john salmons is another option at the sf position who can score. this could also infuse or team with athleticism without having to give up one of the big three, but at the expense of our 3 point shooting.

    a trade is most definately in order. and how about ianny getting a nice assist and 4 points in 4 minutes? i don’t know why i like this guy so much….i just don’t know why….

  • Colin

    Brendan Haywood?? Dude, where are you getting this from? That guy is a slug. The Spurs won’t be gaining anything with that guy. He is 30 having the best yr of his life. There is nowhere to go but down for him.

  • Bushka

    The difference last night was we didn’t shoot like men with dinner plates for hands.

    RJ Played well on D, McDyess is playing a lot stronger also. George is still a little immature in terms of the turnovers and getting picked on by bigger guards but he had some great hustle plays as well as very nice penetration.

    Denver didn’t turn up however, they never got competitive.

    One thing that does worry me a lot, is the fact we give up a large amount of fouls while rebounding the ball defensively. A lot of it is a by product of small ball, but not all of it.

    We really do have trouble owning the glass on our end the last two games in particular.

  • kb

    The love fest with Tony is over…he’s been exposed ….shoot first point guards kill chemistry….and we all no know he can guard a dead man….And PLEASE stop throwing that finals MVP crap around….they played against Cleveland……Who played point for them at the time?….UHHHHHH……..UHHHHHH………UHH……might as well have been 5 on 4…..

  • Bushka

    Not that I agree that Tony is a shoot first PG, but how do you figure that Tony has been exposed as a chemistry killer?

    Was it just an accident that they managed to win titles with Tony running the point before this year? What happened did he suddenly start shagging Manus wife? Is that what did all this damage to the chemistry????

    Stop ragging on him for no good reason. The guys been a savior for the franchise at different times in his career and your revisionist history regarding the finals series against the Cavs is horrible. He was brilliant that entire playoff run.

    He is injured at present. It’s the same thing Joakim Noah has and the bulls have shut him down for a big stretch. It’s the same thing that killed Timmy last season and it’s tough to recover from.

    Tony is not a great defender but he is a competent one within the spurs schemes and his effort level is great, he has trouble with bigger guards but hey the flip side is every guard has trouble with Tony.

    When his fit he can rip people to shreds, in a way George just can’t do. That is a skill that we are really missing right now. A fit firing unstoppable penetrator at the point.

  • James

    Everyone – let’s stop with the TP Finals MVP rubbish – nothing he’s done with the Spurs has been 1/2 as valuable as Timmy and Manu. If we want to match it with the Lakers, then I don’t think TP is the answer – every recent playoff series they’ve beaten us in has been a result of them packing the lane and daring him to shoot…

  • Trade Tp

    I think this game should hold some weight to where we are as a team. This was without a doubt the best TEAM game of the season from start to finish and, as my name implies, I couldnt be more happy. It shows exactly how expendable Parker is.

    Would like to focus directly on the writers here who scoffed at my trade idea and name during my first post during which I explained that Hill was on the same level as tony ALL AROUND and that SCORING is not exactly what we need from our PG during the end of the TD ERA.


    Bushka- would you be inclined to say that BJ Armstrong was a huge key in the Bulls title? What about Fisher in LA. So what, they were on teams that won NBA titles. Your grandma could have played PG with Jordan, or handed the ball to Kobe/Shaq, or passed it low to Tim.

    How does “every G” have trouble with Tony? Didnt Westbrook light him up earlier this year? I dont see many PGs having “trouble” with him. Tony will score 15-20ppg. Fine. That doesnt make you a great basketball player or a good PG. Hes not a good fit for our club and hes not someone you want to tag as untouchable player.

    Value decreases every year. Lets get something for him.

  • Bushka

    We change the tune every single game depending on the win loss ratio of the previous night.

    When TP wasn’t playing and we got absolutely belted then he needed to be traded.

    When we played strong team D and shot well then he needed to be traded.

    When we are not winning he is a chemistry killer (despite all the years of winning with him on the team…) When we are winning its because he isn’t there?

    When he was named finals MVP it was an aberration.

    When he was lighting up the league with no Duncan and no Manu last year, he was clearly showing that he is just a waste of basketball space and got lucky for a month.

    He is a shoot first PG replace him with George Hill already!

    Quick note, George averages just over THREE assists per 36 Minutes on the year. What does that make George? (I agree with none of this one and done assessment, basketball is deeper than this trite rubbish, but since you guys place so much stock in it.)

    Tony’s lowest year with the spurs in terms of Assist per game is 4.3 as a rookie.

    Tony averages 19 points a game and 5 assists for his career in the playoffs. Thats against the best of the best.

    TradeTp when you say “I think this game should hold some weight to where we are as a team. ” Did you check the fact that George had 5 turnovers to 4 assists?

    I mean those are the kind of one and done statistics you guys are living and breathing for are they not?

    Knee jerk reactions are usually the worst kind of reactions.

    The spurs don’t make them thank god.

  • Trade TP


    I dont care how many “assists” tony has compared to Hill in the stat sheet.

    The fact is TP gets his assists in the PR with Tim.

    Hill allows for ball movement and doesnt force ignorance as much as Tony. Simply becuase TP averages more assists means nothing. WATCH THE GAME.

    How many times does TP turn the ball over in the game? More importantly how many times did TP turn the ball over last years playoff exit?

    Parker may be a decent PG. But he shouldnt be the PG for our new look. He cannot lead the team. If he is so great then why arent all stars lining up at our doorstep on offer sheets?

  • Bushka

    I watch the games.

    Tony gives a heap of assists on drive and kicks, not just in the Pick & Roll.

    I have watched endless spurs games spanning many seasons and that is Tony’s modus operandi. If you don’t like it don’t blame him or me. Thats the way they do it in San Antonio.

    You don’t play for a coach like pop in a system like the spurs, and freelance whatever you feel like. This is not the Jason Williams all star game, this is the Spurs. You play the system or you don’t play.

    Its where his numbers come from. It’s where they came from when we were winning titles and it’s where they came from when everyone else fell over last year and he kept hitting Bonner & RMJ at the perimiter for three’s.

    Thats his game, thats what his capable of, and it’s a game that is coveted by quiet a lot of teams.

    The only thing thats dropped dramatically is the performance of the rest of the team. Tony is screwed but his screwed by something tangible. Richard Jefferson fell off a cliff. Manu is slower.

    I was actually pushing that statistical barrow for a reason. That reason is the crazy reference people flippantly make when they call Tony a shoot first PG, which is BS, and that George Hill is the second coming of the pure point which is equally as unfair to George.

    George is a combo guard. Who I happen to think is a great prospect, with great potential. But George isn’t cooked yet, any more than Tony is operating at optimum. George is still a work in progress. He doesn’t bring enough to the table this year to lead the team in a playoff run. Not like that is going to be an issue anyway.

    As to why People are not lining up to offer on Tony. Maybe it’s because he isn’t being actively shopped.

    As far as we are aware, people are not offering on Tim either, or on Lebron James, or on Rajon Rondo, or on Julian Wright, or on Raymond Felton (you get my point).

    When teams want to part ways with a player, the word hits the streets. Nothing about Tony is in the media scrum right now that I know of. The spurs at this point in time agree with me.

    One final point. Why the hell would the spurs trade Tony now? His in the middle of an injury marred season. Why not wait and get better value on the dollar.

    Either way I would prefer to sit the rest of this season out with our guard rotation solidified and roll into next year with some new Euro Blood a draft pick, improved Dejaun & George, and the possible rejuvenation of Manu/TP/RJ.

    Tim is doing just fine.

  • Trade TP

    Tim isnt a factor on the defensive end anymore so you cant say “he is fine.”

    Tony Parker is probably somewhere in the range of 12-18 in terms of PGs. There might be teams interested, but no one would give up a great player for Tony.

    How isnt Tony a shoot first PG? He cant pass. Hes not a multi-talented player and he wont defend. Hes got a burst of speed and can finish at the rim. That sums up his game. How can you say Hill wouldnt lead the team better than Parker, or he isnt ready? Thats what Pop claimed last year and he did great the limited minutes he received in the playoffs. Hes a better all around player than Tony all ready.

    The SYSTEM works better without Tony forcing shots. Hills play allows everyone touches and a chance to contribute. Tony was fine when we had a dominant Tim and Manu. Things are changing. Get with it. I could care less if you and the Spurs agree, the basketball we are currently playing looks like trash. Except the last game, without Parker.

    Where is this “better dollar” coming from? Your basing his play will drastically improve next year. The longer we hold him the less we get out of him. Except a higher draft pick.

  • Bushka

    I think we’re done arguing here. You really want to trade TP & I think it’s madness.

    The end.