Derrick Favors on his Spurs interview


Derrick Favors does not speak Russian, but he’s willing to learn.

Yesterday Steve Kyler reported that the Spurs had interviewed Derrick Favors during this year’s draft combine. The situation is strange so far as the Spurs draft at 20 and Favors is currently the consensus No. 3 pick.

The Favors interview is reminiscent of another unlikely player interview: last year the Spurs interviewed DeJuan Blair as part of the Draft Combine process.

If that doesn’t make sense, then note this. Teams are  limited to 8 player interviews per day, and it’s uncommon for teams to interview more than, say, 15 players over the course of the combine. The idea is to spend a significant amount of time with a handful of players. The Spurs must be selective. They interview those players for whom they have a serious interest.

The Spurs selected at 37 last year, and Blair was a consensus lottery pick. It’s still uncertain whether the Spurs were interested in moving up for Blair or if they just suspected he might slide into the second round. But the time they spent with Blair was, perhaps, the most valuable moment of their 2009 Draft Combine.

What’s up with Favors? Are the Spurs trying to move up, or do they suspect Favors will slide toward the 20th overall pick? No one is sure.

And Favors isn’t offering any theories of his own.

“They were just asking about basketball, trying to get to know me better,” Favors said.

But Favors isn’t naive.

“I thought it [the Spurs’ decision to interview him] was odd at first. But as I talked to them and got to know them, I thought maybe they’re trying to get at me.”

Favors described the interview as “basketball-related,” suspecting the Spurs were simply trying to get a sense of his basketball IQ.  He didn’t think there was anything noteworthy about the interview, except that the Spurs were drafting later than other teams seeking his time.

It would be easy to read too much into the mere fact of a player interview. Teams are here to talk, and maybe the Favors interview is just an example of the Spurs doing their due diligence. That’s likely the case. But, at a minimum, it’s something to note as we inch closer to the draft.

I was able to speak with each of the following players to confirm the Spurs had sought them out for an interview: James Anderson, Xavier Henry, Luke Babbitt, Paul George, Damion James, Stanley Robinson, Gordon Hayward and, of course, Derrick Favors.  This is not to say the Spurs didn’t interview others, but all of those players are certain interviewees.

  • Hobson13

    At first glance, this is rather strange. There’s no way he’ll be around at 20 unless he does something dumb between now and the draft. Do the teams usually talk to players who are projected to go so much higher in the draft??

  • idahospur

    I see the unexpected trade wisdom of the Spurs Front Office here. Nothing will happen right now (as the playoffs are still going on) but I would not be surprised to see this team make a giant move to get a better spot in the draft. Most fans of other teams probably don’t know who they selected before Blair ended up in the 2nd round, but a lot of fans knew who Blair was.

  • ThatBigGuy

    3 reasons they interviewed him:

    1. Why not?
    2. You never know how far he may drop.
    3. Spurs may be looking to move up in the draft.

    I like #3.

  • td4life

    I think the Spurs just really like him, and they wanted to establish contact, thinking “you never know where he winds up, maybe if he blossoms for an otherwise terrible organization, we’ll go after him as a free agent years from now, when Timmy is hanging it up, and he’ll remember how much the Spurs always wanted him.” Sowing seeds. I don’t expect being able to move all the way up into the the top 5.

  • Martin

    It’s a longshot and I don’t necessarily like that trade because of its consequences but maybe they are aiming at Parker for Devin Harris + 3rd Pick…

    I wouldn’t do this trade because I am not sure how better DH is compared to GHill…

    Maybe the Nets are not the trading partner and I am completely misreading this.

  • Jordan

    Maybe they asked him to do something stupid so he’d fall to us at #20?

    I like that option…

  • doggydogworld

    I seem to remember RC saying something like “we interview everyone we can, whether we think we can get them or not” last year. There’s no downside, might as well be prepared for the unexpected draft day development (e.g. DeJuan) or future trade possibilities.

  • junierizzle

    I think they just wanted to interview a good player. Just for the fun of it.
    Why would they interview a guy they knew would around for the 2oth pick, but sucked?

  • GMT

    It seems like we’ve been interviewing a good mix of 2/3s and 3/4s except for Favors. The players have been a bit high, low, and about right for their projection around the 20th pick, so it seems we’re basically focused on strengthening our wings.

    But with Favors, I see us looking at a possible Plan B for our PF/C in case Splitter decides to remain in Spain. Maybe we trade _insert_name_/cash & our rights to Splitter for Favors. At #3, I don’t really see the Nets needing him (or any other inexperienced centers) while they have Lopez & Yi (both are 22). Maybe they consider allowing their frontcourt to grow, and then they could bring in Splitter a year or two later? I definitely don’t see this as being a far-fetched scenario.

  • ZeusVizzle

    Maybe the Spurs have something up their sleeves. Could they possibly have a trading partner in the New Jersey Nets? The Nets are said to be attaining a Russian GM, and maybe Popovich could be sparking a “Russian Connection.”

    It will be interesting to see whether Popovich and the front office will spark Prokhorov’s interests with some international players — that the Russian GM might be enticed to sign as well — like the recent ACB MVP Tiago Splitter and maybe Parker for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors.

    Maybe this is a bit of a pipe dream, but who knows what Pop will conjure up come draft time. If it doesn’t work out, I would be call it a successful offseason to draft Damion James, Jon Sheyer, and sign Tiago Splitter

  • td4life

    Martin ventured to guess Devin Harris and the #3 pick for TP and ____? I think the Spurs would pull the trigger on that one, I’m not sure that NJ would, although Prokhorov does want some European flavor to build his brand (I half expect him to trade spare parts to Utah for AK47 to draw in Russian fans) but with their cap room, they don’t need the #3 pick, they can sign a PF and won’t need to wait for Favors to develop.

    The deal NJ should look for, however, is Ricky Rubio (and the 16th, or 23rd pick, or at least a swap with their 27th) for the 3rd pick. This deal works for both teams as Wolves have NO CHANCE of retaining Rubio even if he does sign with them. The Wolves take Wesley Johnson at 3rd pick, and D Cousins with 4th. Saving their draft, even if one under-performs, and giving them a very potent frontcourt rotation, or a great trade commodity in Love/Jeffferson, as well as the shooter they need. Short of that, LeParker might offer NJ some appeal, along with Splitter.

    Because Favors is a project, I don’t think we prefer him to Splitter unless we KNOW we can’t afford an offer Splitter accepts.

    I know I am over-speculating on this, but I agree the Spurs were just interviewing out of fun curiosity.

    That said maybe our guys do have some plans… Do we like Harris and the #3 for TP? I’ll say this in a perhaps unrelated note, I am truly a fan of DeJuan, and will cheer for him his whole career, but I have to trade him in heartbeat if we can fill a need. Duncan, Splitter, and the #3 pick? Or you parlay the #3 pick into 2 first round picks (16 & 23; 12 & 25) along with our #20 if there’s some mid to late round guys Pop and RC really believe in still on the board in a draft day stunner?

  • Emils Ozers

    I think Spurs need to go after Favor. Tim Duncan don’t have left lot of time, so need to give his knowlige to next Spurs generation, like “Admiral” Robinson give it to Tim.
    I am from East Europe, so I know rushan mentality. Prohorov wount want to wait. He need sucses in next seson, so he will take Parker with wide open hands.
    It least time for Spurs to get younger, so deal with NJ is crusual. Favors could be next face of franchise and Haris at gard would be grate too.

    Sorry about speling mistakes.

  • Elan

    Are you kidding me? There is no way that the Nets would give up Devin Harris and the number 3 pick for Tony Parker. Also, there is no way Derrick Favors drops out of the top 5.
    I would say that a trade with the Indiana Pacers would be possible. They desperately need a point guard and have plenty of expiring contracts.
    A trade like Tony Parker and Malik Hairston for Mike Dunleavy (9 mill/1 year), Brandon Rush, and the Number 10 would be possible.
    It would give the spurs some outside shooting and depth at the wing and a couple more young players to build around. I don’t think Rush has realized his full potential as a scorer or defender yet and Dunleavy had a down year last season, but can stroke it from the perimeter.
    At number 10 the spurs could draft a big man like Ed Davis, Donatas Motiejunas, Greg Monroe (unlikely he falls that far), Cole Aldridge, Hassan Whiteside, or Ekpe Udoh. At number 20 they could draft a wing or point guard like James Anderson, Paul George, Gordon Hayward, Luke Babbit, Damion James, Devin Ebanks, Quincy Pondexter, Armon Johnson, Eric Bledsoe, or Willie Warren.
    Many will be unlikely to trade for Tony Parker because of his down year last year, health issues, and his expiring contract. I think it’s more likely the spurs hang onto him and wait until his value rises.

  • Daniel

    #2-#4 are probably available given the right circumstances.

    #2… Philly wants someone to take Brand, and they’re hemorrhaging money– we’d probably need to offer Jefferson/Parker/McDyess/#20 and Blair or Splitter for Brand/Igoudala/Lou Williams/#2. Steep price, but Igoudala and #2 would be worth it. That should lead to a Minnesota swap #2 for their #4 & #16, where we could pick up a PG (Hill/Blair/McDyess/2011 #1 for Rubio/Love– Dream on!) and then get Favors or Cousins (I prefer Cousins, but whatever…).

    #3… Nets need legit NBA talent at almost every position. #3, Max JJ, and Al Harrington aren’t going to build their team into a contender. This is the most unlikely, since they need a strong, athetic PF, and Favors fits. If they sign Boozer, whoever they drafted at the 4 will become available. Parker/Hairston/Blair for Harris/#3 probably makes it happen. This would be the best financial fit, as the Philly trade keeps us way in the tax for 3 years.

    #4… Minnesota probably won’t be happy adding another PF with the #4. We’d try Splitter/Blair/Hill/Jefferson/#20/2011 #1 for Love/Sessions/Rubio/#4. Getting Sessions opens up the short-term possibility of trading Parker for a wing player (like Igoudala) if he wants more than $13M/season or is pissed we picked up Rubio (who would be perfect for this city). This saves $10M+ next season, and opens up the MLE for a SF like Mike Miller, who would be a Barry-like perfect fit in the Spurs’ system.

  • ThatBigGuy


    You’re proposals are well thought out, but I think you tried a little too hard. Your smallest trade is 5 players, with your 3rd proposal involving 10 players, all between the same 2 teams. All of your trades also involves only rotation players and first round picks from both teams. Also, all of your trades would affect the chemistry of both teams, but especially the Spurs, who depend on chemistry more than other teams.

    This is proved by how bad we were early with Jefferson/Dice (only 2 players) struggling to fit in and late with Manu and Parker missing time. You simply cannot trade that many players and expect to compete the following season.

    The Spurs have a great foundation (Duncan/Manu/Parker/Manu/Hill/Blair) and just need the supporting cast to show up. Jefferson is extremely expendable, along with everyone else on the roster who is not in the above parentheses. The addition of Splitter, our 20th draft pick, Hairston’s continued development (assuming we keep him, either way his value has increased across the board), and some bench player switches will put us back in contender status.

    The Lakers will have to look seriously at Bynum after this season. Three years in a row with injuries and a HUGE contract does not bode well for his future in LA. The Suns depend too much on Nash; he’s human and will show that sooner rather than later. The Jazz just can’t get over the hump into contender status. Dallas is in danger of losing Dirk. Portland has too many fragile players. OKC is waaayyyy ahead of the curve, but they are still learning about what it takes to win in the playoffs. The Spurs, with a few minor roster changes, really have as good of a chance as anyone in the West next season.

    With LeBron probably moving, I think the championship is as wide open as it has been in over a decade. The Spurs have a chance!

  • Easy B

    Maybe the spurs are angling for a higher draft pick, as Pop somewhat conceded that the team has not gotten young and athletic enough fast enough. Though I’m not sure that this is in keeping with Spurs Front Office strategy. They usually look for “value” when drafting or signing free agents. Unless they believed a player to be a sure thing, they most likely won’t gamble away assets based on potential. On top of that the size of contracts get higher near the top of the draft. Devin Harris is a very nice player….but that much more valuable to us than what TP brings? Does he fight through picks? That to me is the point guard skill that would be worth trading for. Can he take over for stretches in the 4th quarter of the playoffs when it counts?
    I think the Spurs are trying to add 2 quality, and reasonably young pieces to the rotation this season. Splitter is one, and a versatile defensive wing through the draft as the other. Obviously they will keep their options open based on unforseen circumstances…but when was the last time anyone can remember the spurs being a “big splash” on draft day? Lottery teams and Big Market teams pull off those kind of stunts, not the Spurs. The only other option I can see happening would be to trade RJ’s expiring to a team that wants cap relief to get a more suitable spurs system player on board -preferably someone who hasn’t been in the league too long to change his game to suit the spurs needs.


    Just throwin a curve ball out there… Tiago Splitter and someone for the #3 pick? I’d rather have Cousins or Favors anyway. Younger and have better offensive games.

  • icewater21

    What about this;

    Trade Parker, rights to Splitter and our #20 for D. Harris, # 3 and future considerations.

    Don’t know if it works under the cap but if it does both teams will benefit.

    Jefferson (better in his second year)
    Blair (better in his second year)
    Duncan (declining, but still better than most)
    Harris (Not as good as TP but still pretty good)
    Hill (better in his third year)

    Favors, Manu and McDyess off the bench.

    Three years from now Favors and Blair will average 33 and 20.

  • Jim Henderson

    May 22nd, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    “we’d probably need to offer Jefferson/Parker/McDyess/#20 and Blair or Splitter for Brand/Igoudala/Lou Williams/#2.”

    I would do that for Dalembert instead of Brand, and for Splitter, not Blair. Otherwise, no deal.

    “Parker/Hairston/Blair for Harris/#3 probably makes it happen.”

    I would not make this deal. Three know quantities for an underwhelming Harris & an unknown quantity.

    “We’d try Splitter/Blair/Hill/Jefferson/#20/2011 #1 for Love/Sessions/Rubio/#4.”

    I would not make this deal. Love can’t play “D”, Sessions is inconsistent, Rubio’s in Europe, and the #4 has unknown value in the NBA. Less than half of top 5 picks in the last 13 drafts turn out to be very good/star NBA players. I’m holding onto Hill & Blair.

    May 22nd, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    “The addition of Splitter, our 20th draft pick, Hairston’s continued development (assuming we keep him, either way his value has increased across the board), and some bench player switches will put us back in contender status.”

    Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely.

    Easy B
    May 22nd, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    “Maybe the spurs are angling for a higher draft pick, as Pop somewhat conceded that the team has not gotten young and athletic enough fast enough. Though I’m not sure that this is in keeping with Spurs Front Office strategy. They usually look for “value” when drafting or signing free agents. Unless they believed a player to be a sure thing…..”

    That’s right, and those “sure things” are actually quite rare (think of Duncan, D. Howard, LeBron, Carmelo). Not too many more than that were thought at the time to be “sure thing” stars over the past 10-12 years of top lottery picks. In hindsight, it’s way less of a “sure thing” than most people realize.

  • RED

    he has no acls or its just a decoy to make things exciting.

  • RED

    hope other gm’s and fo’s are that dumb like it was the 2009 draft

  • SpursFanInOmaha

    Back to the Devon Harris conversation. About 2 years ago, I had the privilege of sharing conversation with Pop and Avery Johnson, who were discussing the then-recent Jason Kidd – Devon Harris trade. Pop was delighted that Harris was no longer on the Mavs, and it was clear he hated guarding him. His sarcastic comment was something like “who would I rather guard, Jason Kidd or a guy lightning fast who gets to the rim at will against us?” My point is, Pop obviously had a lot of respect for Harris, and with Harris coming into his own even more since then, maybe Pop wants to go after him.

  • Buddahfan

    If the Spurs don’t move up than Pop may consider drafting Damion James if he is still on the board.

    Pop may consider making another run, he made an offer three years ago, for Amir Johnson who is a an unrestricted free agent

  • Tim in Surrey

    I wondered whether there might be a trade with the Nets for Parker as soon as I saw this article. But after a little thought, I’m dubious. Bill Simmons has a good profile of the Nets’ new owner, that’s well worth the time to read:

    One thing that’s clear is that Prokhorov has clear plans to raise the team’s international profile. He even implied that any of this year’s big free agents who chose, say, Miami were choosing to be a big fish in a small pond:

    “I think the great metropolitan [area] of New York is a great place for the players. You are part of the global world. If you [want a] good climate, you can play in Miami, but you are not a global player — even if you have a flat on Fisher Island.”

    And he seems like a very savvy owner who will do his best to pick up undervalued assets–which Tony Parker might be. However, he’s also smart enough to leave the management of his team to Rod Thorn for the first year or so while he learns the ropes. And I just don’t see Thorn trading Harris and the 3rd pick for Tony Parker.

    Don’t know what I’d think if they did. Favors is a real talent, somewhat reminiscent to me of Dice when he was at Alabama. And I think we all remember how effective Harris can be. But a PG who was an All-Star just last year is a lot to give up for those two. Tiago Splitter for the 3rd pick, though… That might be worthwhile.

    There is also the question of whether you should even take Favors with that pick. There is, after all, another big man likely to be available: DeMarcus Cousins. From what I’ve seen, I think he’s the most gifted player in this draft. And I’m not convinced that he’s as crazy or mean as everyone seems to believe. My alma mater, Vanderbilt, played two games with Kentucky this year. They threw about five different big bruisers at Big Cuz as part of a hack-a-Cuz strategy, but he didn’t get rattled. (Of course, he didn’t make his free throws, either.) And he was definitely the best of about 8 different pro prospects on the floor, including John Wall. So a part of me thinks that the smart move if you trade up is to draft Cousins and see whether Pop and Tim can handle him–after all, even if he IS the second coming of Rasheed Wallace, wouldn’t that be a nice addition, neuroses and all? But there is a LOT of smoke around this guy and it doesn’t seem to be going away, so who knows? It was interesting, though.

  • Ian

    I don’t know what are the actual chances of trading for Favors or whether Spurs FO has any intention of doing trades for this guy, but the thoughts of acquiring a young, athletic and very promising PF is a nice one indeed. Parker for Harris + Favors seem to make the most sense to me, although the Spurs might have to add that #20 pick, Blair, or rights to Splitter just to make it work (throw in Hairston if Nets want him). I’m normally not a big fan of ‘break up big 3 to acquire pieces’ scenarios, but if there are any chances of acquiring the top 4 draft pick, Spurs FO should go for it even if they have to give up Parker.

  • Sam

    if splitter doesn’t come to SA we could be lookin at Favors for a back up plan

  • Jim Henderson

    Tim in Surrey
    May 23rd, 2010 at 11:15 am

    “Tiago Splitter for the 3rd pick, though… That might be worthwhile.”

    Nobody’s going to give you the 3rd pick for Splitter (the 28th pick a couple of years ago that is still hedging on whether he’s even going to come state-side).

    May 23rd, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    “Parker for Harris + Favors seem to make the most sense to me, although the Spurs might have to add that #20 pick, Blair, or rights to Splitter just to make it work (throw in Hairston if Nets want him).”

    Anyone else you want to throw into the deal, for an unknown “NBA” talent? I hope everyone on here realizes this, but less than 50% of top five lottery picks end up being “very good/star” players in their NBA careers. I for one, am not throwing in Parker (an NBA all-star/finals MVP), Blair (already shows great promise in the NBA, for a GREAT price), Hairston (can become a solid role player, if given the chance), and the number 20 pick (who has about a 15-20% chance of becoming a very good/star player), for the 4th pick.

  • Hobson13

    Tim in Surrey
    May 23rd, 2010 at 11:15 am

    “There is, after all, another big man likely to be available: DeMarcus Cousins.”

    I agree. Although, I’m not a huge college bball fan and I’m not a draft expert, I believe Cuz could make an immediate impact on a team from day 1. Let’s face it, he’s almost 7ft and weighs 260. He’s essentially a 19 yr old man child. He has a decent post up game and can shoot from 18-20 ft. In a way, he reminds me of a younger Rasheed Wallace. Favors, while freakishly athletic, will be a project for any team. Favors simply doesn’t have an NBA body at this point. He could be the next Amare or Dyess, but it won’t be for a few years.

    I know Demarcus has had his immature moments, but he’s 19 yrs old! Come on, most of us were idiots at that age. He just needs a man to show him how to grow up and he’d have two of them in Duncan and Pop. My point is this: If we trade up to the top 4 picks, I would rather us look at Cousins as opposed to Favors.

  • Ian

    @Jim Henderson – I didn’t say 20th pick, Blair, Splitter AND Hairston, but rather one or two of these four possible trade assets plus Parker. I know it’s a long shot, and a risky one at that, but it’ll be worth considering especially if Splitter opts to stay in Europe (which I think he will, eventually). I don’t disagree with your logic in not wanting to trade Parker, but Blair and Hairston are just as unproven as Favors is. Blair was a rookie and Hairston saw less minutes than Blair did in his 2-year NBA career. I wouldn’t call them “proven”, but rather wait for another year or two for such assessment. They are no doubt talented, but most will agree that the ceilling is much higher for Favors than those two.


    The 48,

    Great posts…Intresting scenarios.

    However, we already know the drill…

    The time to make our pick will come….We all have our fingers, toes, and legs crossed in hopes of landing a NOW player…

    But, more often than not, the Spurs have completely different plans…

    Probably some unknown guy named Pablo Toejam from a small island outside of Finland…..

    As for Spurs draft Predictions….

    We can only (CLUELESSLY) wait and see…..

  • Jim Henderson

    May 23rd, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I didn’t say that you said Splitter AND Blair would be in the deal. You said either/or, and thus this is what I said:

    “I for one, am not throwing in PARKER (an NBA all-star/finals MVP), BLAIR (already shows great promise in the NBA, for a GREAT price), HAIRSTON (can become a solid role player, if given the chance), and the number 20 PICK (who has about a 15-20% chance of becoming a very good/star player), for the 4th pick.”

    And that is consistent with what you said.

    “They are no doubt talented, but most will agree that the ceiling is much higher for Favors than those two.”

    Well, Blair has shown that he can play in the NBA. He had TWO 20/20 games in his rookie season, which is unheard of. Perhaps you’re underestimating Blair’s ceiling. And besides, the deal wasn’t Blair for Favors straight up. It included Parker, Hairston, & the 20th pick. That’s way too much to be giving up for still an unknown NBA quantity. Remember, less than 50% of top five prospects go on to become “very good/star” NBA players. That’s too big of a risk to take for the pieces you were willing to offer, in my estimation.

  • Logan

    It’s gonna be a very tough move to make for the Spurs to go after Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins, because if they trade T.Parker,T.Splitter,M.Bonner, #20 pick,and K.Bogans to the Nets for D.Harris,C.Lee,K. Humphries, and #3 pick this could be a great move for the Spurs.Getting these players will help the Spurs next season for some more young athleticism.Now it could make the Spurs into a title contender.Don’t get rid of Jefferson,McDyesse, or Blair.These guys could still help us,Jefferson had a bad season because of a new system and he needs to shoot better and get to like 18-19 points a game he did it on different teams like the Nets and the Bucks.Now the next season will be his best season.McDyesse had a good season he gave us some front court depth and he did alrite,the only thing he needs to work on is his defense thats it.Blair had a great rookie season in the Rookie Sophomore game,he was the man then Tyreke Evans.He was a great listener,he learned the best from Tim Duncan.He will be a great player for the Spurs,if they trade him worst decision in Spurs history.If Spurs goes after Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins to get the 3rd pick in the draft.It will be a very great pick up for one of those guys would be a very great fit in this system.That is what i’m saying to help the Spurs for next season.Beware of Free Agency for this season Spurs.Make smart and better choices because this players have a popular name in themselves like LeBron,Wade,Bosh,Pierce,Nowitzki,and others like those names.Be very smart on your decisions Spurs just because we made it to the playoffs doesn’t mean we had a higher spot like the Lakers,Mavs and Suns.So next season could be our best season.

    P.S. Go Spurs Go!!!!!!!

  • Ian

    @Jim Henderson – My preference would be Parker + Splitter’s rights + Hairston for Harris + Favors, if the Nets are willing to bite onto this deal. That way, Spurs protect their 20th pick and Mid-level exception, as well as their prized rookie DeJuan Blair (he should be available if the Nets ask for him though). It really depends on how much Nets value their 3rd pick, how badly they are wanting to clear Devin’s salary (if they don’t see him as the PG of their franchise), and how competitive the Spurs’ offer is, but chances are this will end up being a mere fan’s dream so I’ll just stop here.

    Just adding to your <50% success theory: 50% success rate is rather an overly simplified figure, as you have to take into consideration the varying level of talent and depth in the draftees each year. LeBron's 2003 class had 4 players out of 5 all becoming all-star/all-NBA caliber players – compare this with 2000 class where Kenyon freakin Martin was the top pick (with Stromile Swift and Darius Miles as second and third overall. Good lord…). What I want to say is, in some years it's worth the risk to move to the top 5 of the draft whereas in other years, the pool of talent is just not worth it. I'm thinking this year's draftees are worth the risk, and this year's top 5 have better than 50% chance of becoming successful in this league.

  • icewater21

    If you look at the PER from Parker and Harris, it shows you that both guys are/were pretty even last year. Now you’re all gonna say that Parker had a “down” year, but that goes for Harris as well.

    Harris has 3 pt range (at least more than TP) and Harris is a slightly better defender imho.

    I would be sad to see TP leave and to break up the big 3, but man, this gives us a great chance to make a “new” start, as well as get some guys (Favors, Harris) who can help us when TD and Manu are retiring.

  • Jim Henderson

    May 23rd, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    “……DeJuan Blair (he should be available if the Nets ask for him though)…..”

    Yeah, I just would not make Blair available for that deal. I’d rather give the 20th pick, if I had to. That said, I’d have to be pretty confident in the 3rd pick, whether it was Favors, or someone else, which I’m not. But then again, I don’t claim to be a college draft expert. That’s a tough job, and I’m certainly not in a position to do it any justice.

    “Just adding to your <50% success theory: 50% success rate is rather an overly simplified figure, as you have to take into consideration the varying level of talent and depth in the draftees each year."

    That is a fair point. However, if you were to take a look at the top 5 picks in the 11 draft lotteries between 1997 & 2007, and line them up from left to right, starting with the one that had the most "all-star" caliber players (or even just below all-star) to the one with the least "all-star" caliber players, the one in the middle (that is the median) will have just two all-star caliber players, which would be less than 50%. So in hindsight, on average, the top five picks in NBA drafts appear to yield about 40% in all-star caliber type players (or just below all-star caliber). Maybe just a little less than 40%, because only 1 out of 5 met the criteria in the 2000, 2002, 2006, & 2007 drafts.

    "I'm thinking this year's draftees are worth the risk, and this year's top 5 have better than 50% chance of becoming successful in this league."

    Well, "becoming successful" is a bit too vague of a criteria. Now if you're talking about having a relatively long career, with solid, very good, consistent production, that included at least one all-star appearance, than I'm not so sure, and only time will ultimately tell.

  • ZeusVizzle

    Well, the Spurs aren’t typically known to make noise before draft night. In fact, their draft nights are extremely boring because nobody knows who in the heck they are drafting. This year if the Spurs decide to not make any moves, I could see them drafting Damion James, Xavier Henry, or Stanley Robinson at #20, and at 49 maybe Grievis Vasquez or someone of his comparable abilities.

    However, since all of this talk about moving up in the draft to nab Derrick Favors has surfaced, it seems that the Spurs FO is trying to truncate the inevitable rebuilding process that will follow when Duncan and Ginobili retire. That being said, I think the Spurs are definitely going to make moves, and I think they will likely make a few trades that will open up cap room without sacrificing draft picks as well. If we can get a trade going with just Parker and Splitter, and get the #3 pick and retain #20, I call it a success. We will have 2 premium draftees to help us for our future, and keep our midlevel exception for players looking to win a championship.

    So, possible key players to be added if draft day trade goes through (along with free agents):

    Derrick Favors
    Stanley Robinson
    Devin Harris
    Kyle Korver and/or Eddie House
    Anthony Morrow (restricted free agent)
    Travis Outlaw


    Tony Parker
    Tiago Splitter
    Matt Bonner
    Roger Mason
    Keith Bogans

  • Easy B

    I have no idea about the draft prospects, but what I saw of the spurs in their dismantling in the playoffs was a distinct lack of impact players on the defensive end. We used to have Bowen, Duncan, Nazr, Ginobili, Jackson etc….Now there is no single person on the roster who consistently makes defensive plays. Duncan changes some shots, Hill and ginobili pick some pockets, but no-one puts the hammer down on an oppositions best player.Until we find someone in that mould, we will be perenial 1st/2nd round playoff teams.
    I’m sorry, but Battier is not the guy either….we need someone 25 coming into his prime to lift us again.
    The cavs “garage sale” scenario seems like a potentially promising situation for us. Maybe Jefferson and #20 for Verajao and Anthony Parker? haven’t done trade machines or the like…maybe throw something else in. Then bring Splitter over and have duncan and verajao starting with splitter, Mc D and blair providing plenty of minutes and options off the bench. Make Parker a corner three guy, and look for a better role pickup player than bogans. We would lose athleticism on the wings, but could get away with more dribble penetration with a scrappy interior player like verajao. Another 3pt player would fill the roster nicely and allow us to play a more simplified inside/outside game with ginoblili , hill and tp breaking up the monotony of the half court game. Still don’t know if this team would win it all….but would have more intagiables than last years team.


    LAKERS ARE PUTTING UP 48 MINUTES OF HELL VS. SUNS ,the Green Brick Wall are destroying everything in the East!!
    World Cup Football( not soccer) coming up and you guys spend times about who went fishing!!

    Stop looking at your nombril!!

  • Este

    Let me do my part to get Favors to SA. I heard he has no ACL’s or Achilles Tendons and he has 3 toes on each foot.

  • bduran

    I don’t know about trading for Favors. Cousins is likely going to be the better NBA player based on college stats, and he’s projected to go after Favors and may be cheaper to get (I’m not sure how much difference a spot or two makes). My problem with Favors is that his rebound rate was low for such a big athetlic post player and rebound rate is one of the few things that translates well from college to the NBA. So in general I’m skeptical of any college player who plays at the 3-5 spots who doesn’t rebound well.

  • Mat

    elton brand and #3 pick for tony parker?

  • Mat

    I mean #2 pick

  • icewater21

    @BDuran> We’ve got Blair to clean up the boards if Favors turns out to be just an average rebounder….

  • Jaws

    Forget NJs #3 pick…What about Parker and Jefferson for the #2, Jrue Holiday, and Brand or Dalembert? 76ers get a legit point guard and cap relief (1 yr left on RJs contract vs 3 on Brand’s) and a decent wing. Spurs get their draftee (Favors/Evans/Cousins), a great point guard prospect, a pretty good off the bench big man, and keep Splitters rights and their #20 pick.

  • bduran


    Drafting is a crapshoot. It is very hard to predict how good a player is going to be which is born out by the poor success rate of the supposed
    “experts”. There are very few “sure things” like Lebron, TD, etc. So when looking at a guy like Favors, I get worried when he is subpar at one of the few things that is well correlated between college and yhe NBA. Especially something that is very important for a 4/5 to be good at.

    I realized above that it may look like I’m suggesting that I would be happy if we targeted Cousins. I have mixed feelings about him. On the one hand I feel like he is as close to a “sure thing” that this draft has. On the other, all the reports about his work ethic and attitude really bother me, so I don’t know what to think of him. Probably better for a struggling franchise to take the risk on his personality than someone like us.

  • Tyler

    While Stanley Robinson is a top 20 pick on ability/potential alone, his off the court behavior kind of scares me.

    One guy I really like that no one has mentioned is Quincy Pondexter out of Washington. He’s a mature, tough, hard-nosed guy who competes on both ends. He was asked to play a lot of PF for Washington the last two years at 6’7″, so his perimeter game probably isn’t as refined as it should be. And while his jumper isn’t an area of strength, (he needs to work on his NBA 3pt shot) a little tudoring from Chip Engelland should help greatly.

    He’s really comparable to Malik Hairston, only Pondexter is little more assertive of a player and a slightly better rebounder, but not quite the long range shooter Malik was coming out of Oregon.

  • bduran

    I am firmly in the anti Stanley Robinson camp. His college production after 4 years just wasn’t good enough. I think he’s to much of a project/gamble for a first round pick.

    I like James and Babbitt the most as far as SFs who might be around when we pick. There are a few others as well and I think we have a great shot at landing a good player that fits a need at 20. This is another reason I don’t like the idea of trading up as much, especially for a guy like Favors who, even if he does become an elite player, is likely to take a little while to get there.

    If we’re going to trade TP let’s do it for someone who can hep right away.

  • DJLowell

    Well actually Yi is an awful player and the nets biggest need is at PF. I also don’t see them dealing two good player (Harris + pick) for anyone including TP their trying to rebuild they want as many good players as they can get.

  • Jim Henderson

    I’m no college draft expert, but I agree with Tyler on this one. I think Pondexter is just the type of player the Spurs could use out of the draft at this time. He’s mature, has developed an all-around game, and has shown the defense and athleticism to make a contribution at the SF position for the Spurs, and he appears to be more “NBA ready” than most late first round prospects. I think he’s a little under the radar right now, so I think he could go higher than most expect. Hopefully it’s not higher than #20.

    After that, I’m in favor of the following three, in order, should they still be on the board at #20:

    Paul George, Fresno State
    Larry Sanders, Virginia Commonwealth
    Damion James, Texas

    I think there’s a decent chance that one of these four players could still be available at number 20.

  • Jim Henderson

    By the way, Tyler, Pondexter can create his own shot off the dribble better than Malik, but you’re right, he is similar to Malik.