Digital glory and infamy



Videogames offer an avenue to live out some dreams, or escape from reality. In 2k Sports much anticipated NBA 2K12, Spurs fans will have the opportunity to live out a few and take the helm of the 1997-98 San Antonio Spurs (Tim Duncan’s rookie season). But first, they’re going to have to live through a few nightmares. Or Dream Shakes.

The follow-up to last year’s Jordan mode, NBA 2K12’s NBA’s Greatest allows gamers to step into the shoes of 15 NBA Legends, pitting their classic team against a rival of the same era. A victory unlocks the legend’s team, and their opponent, for use.

The San Antonio Spurs were selected as the rival for legend Karl Malone, featuring a roster of David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Sean Elliott, Vinny Del Negro, Avery Johnson, Chuck Person, Will Purdue, Jaren Jackson, and Monty Williams. Much of the roster was already in the game, though as Jaren Jackson noted in our podcast, as coaches. But in order to play with them, first Spurs fans will have to beat them with the Utah Jazz, reliving a pain long forgotten. Blasphemy, I know.

And if that weren’t bad enough, there is 2k Sports marketing campaign. When Spurs fans think of David Robinson, chances are their first thoughts go back to him finally raising a trophy over his head, or maybe even standing at attention pregame. For the rest of the basketball world, it’s his MVP season matchup with Hakeem Olajuwon.

How signature of a moment is it? It’s been recreated in all its glory on NBA 2K12’s latest trailer. Remember, the Houston Rockets and the Spurs are not the designated matchup for the game. Olajuwon is set to face off against Dikembe Mutombo and his 1993-94 Denver Nuggets. 2K Sports had to go out of their way to include this clip for the purposes of their trailer.

Take a look. Marvel at the authenticity of the game. Cringe at the memories of the Dream Shake. Sadly, it might be the only NBA Basketball available for some time.


  • Sam R.

    And sadly, I believe that was the only Spurs clip in the whole commercial. I’m getting sick of this kind of treatment.

  • Sotirisf

    It is my belief that we, as Spurs and David Robinson fans, have to do something to change this mistreatment of our franchise player (of the 90s). Through our blogs and every single way possible we must promote the Admiral’s achievements and try to change this image of loser that the media has created. Other than the 95 WCF Olajuwon and Robinson where players of the same level and if you ask me the fact that he has been defeated so badly that year was not entirily his fault. Look at the help that he got from his teammates during that series and you will understand what I mean. 

  • Sotirisf
  • Ray Briggs II

    Wow, a commercial that features the RINGLESS Kinks (Ewing, Starks, Oakley), Kings (Webber), Warriors (Run TMC), Nuggets (Mt. Motumbo), Blazers (Clyde) and Jazz (Malone, Stockton) has 5 seconds of the Spurs and it’s them being disrespected. No Iceman, nothing good for the Admiral.

    Am I surprised? Hell no.
    Am I disappointed? As always.

  • yang ashton

    No disrespect to the Dream, but D-Rob also dominated him many times especially on the defensive end. The media just like to ignore the Spurs….all the time.  

  • yang ashton

    No disrespect to the Dream, but D-Rob also dominated him many times especially on the defensive end. The media just like to ignore the Spurs….all the time.  

  • Smartypants

    I love the Spurs, but you guys should stop bitching about ‘media mistreatment’ so frequently. I don’t think most people’s first David Robinson association is ‘loser’, and if it is, who cares? He won.

    And no, Hakeem was a better player than the Admiral. Other than Shaq, he’s probably the best center of all time.

  • Ksjjian

    ok so I guess we’re just pretending Bill Russell, Wilt, and Kareem didn’t exist then