Draft Preview: Danny Green


In an earlier post, we prospected Omri Casspi. The problem with Casspi is that he might not be around at pick 37. After players withdraw their names, he’ll probably mock up into the first round. So if the Spurs do target a small forward, they may have to look at second and third options.

The next two most intriguing wing players are Danny Green and Vladimir Dasic. To my mind, they’re small forward prospects 1B and 1C. This morning we’ll look at Green.

Danny Green has made a name for himself as the other guy at UNC–the one who likes to dance. What I like most about Green is that he’s worked hard to improve his jumper, becoming a good catch and shoot player. And he’s known for his defense. He’s 6’6”, a sturdy 210 lbs, and is said to have a 6’10” wingspan (we’ll see). Those all sound like things the Spurs could use. My only complaint is that he isn’t taller—the Spurs continue to lack length on the wing. Nevertheless, he has definitely entered the fray as a player we should keep our eyes on.

Typically, I’d post video so you could see him in action. Unfortunately, there isn’t much quality video available of Green. If our readers knows of video that does a good job highlighting his skills, please provide a house number and street name in the comments. If I’ve missed a good clip, I’ll promote it to this space.

  • SAinSLC

    What are the odds now that we are able to make a deal for Marcus Camby? I brought this up during the season at one point and at that time it was not considered viable. Now that the Clippers have baggage at the same position as Griffin, wouldn’t it be a good time to swoop in and fill that position with a solid post player?

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Timothy Varner

    I’m tied up today, or else I’d take up the topic of how the draft lottery might effect the Spurs. I’m not sure what the Clippers will do, or if the Spurs will reengage on Camby, but it is true that they have more options now than before. That could provide incentive to unload a contract. But he expires after next season. Why wouldn’t the Clips just wait for his contract to come off the books?

  • Chris K.

    I think the Clippers will look to trade, but also how about the Wizards? They’re looking to trade their pick and get a couple veterans.
    How about we send them Bowen and Kurt Thomas and pick up a young guy?
    (I’m not sure who we would pick at that spot though….Thabeet would be gone for sure.)

  • mike

    What about artest ? He brings toughness, defense, and offense. He’s hates Kobe. He’s perfect.

  • TrueFan

    Green strikes me as the kind of guy that would usually make a great 2nd round pick, particularly if we could get him in the late 2nd round. With no 1st round pick though, I’d be hesitant to take him at 37 over guys that have more upside. And there’s probably no chance he falls to 51 in this year’s relatively weak draft.

  • PharmBoy

    Any thoughts on Josh Carter of Texas A&M as a potential SPURS player? OK–complete long shot (very long shot!), but Mr. Hill turned out to be quite a unexpected find.

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  • Francis

    Ugh, as I stated on an older post, no thank you on Green. He basically just shot wide open jumpers when teams doubled up on anyone else but him on that overpowering UNC team. And he never showed me anything in terms of lock-down defensive ability.

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